Killtown Death Fest

PISSGRAVE to hit KTDF as 3rd announcement!

Today we’re disgustingly delighted to present for only the second time in Europe, Philadelphia filth mongers PISSGRAVE! They gathered a lot of attention and positive response from the repulsive debut album “Suicide Euphoria” back in 2015 and evil tongues sedates us with poisonous words about there being a new album on the horizon and we dare say that there’ll be new songs presented live at this year’s KTDF!

The band was formed by the twin brothers Tim (guitar and vocals) and Matt (drums) and they started out as a duo playing live shows in Philadelphia and surroundings. They later made a full line-up including Demian from heavy rockers Serpent Throne on guitar and their friend John on bass at the time, who has since been replaced by Brad, who’s earlier been the vocalist of Otesanek. The band gathered a bit of well deserved attention in their home country when they did a short East Coast tour with Greek death metal heavy weights,  Dead Congregation a few years back and they visited Europe for the first time in 2016 on a 2 week tour with Danish Phrenelith. They’ve been selective with what they’ve done and so far all they’ve done has impressed us and many others.

PISSGRAVE is fierce, raw, brutal and disturbing. Their music is violent and disgusting. PISSGRAVE is death metal when death metal turns REAL ugly and we salute and support that!

Find out for yourselves and get your ears mangled in the “Blood Fog”:

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