Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #14: TAPHOS!

Tonight we are introducing you to the newest spawn of the Copenhagen death metal family. With just two demo tapes and an EP out this young outfit seems to already have a lot going for them. A full length has been recorded and will be released this spring by Blood Harvest Records, followed by a European tour with the mighty Degial. We are excited to present to you TAPHOS!

Taphos was spawned in 2015 with the purpose to create music that evokes desperation and hopelessness. Their music is rooted in death and draws inspirations from all darker aspects of life and life thereafter.

The first eruption took place in form of the demo MMXVI and an EP, named MMXVII, followed soon after. Same year Taphos entered Ballade Studios where enough chaos was captured to produce what will be their first full-length. An aftershock from this séance took place in form of the ‘Premonition’ tape.

Listen to “Impending Peril”:

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