Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #15: TORTURE RACK (us)!

Another day has passed and we now offer you more of the rising grotesquery that the current US death metal scene has to offer. This time it has come to the North West mutilating barbarians TORTURE RACK who will be performing their very first European gig ever at KTDF!

Torture Rack was formed in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, and released their debut demo “Medieval Mutilation” in 2013 through Headsplit Records, a debut release showcasing sheer brutality and violence over 4 songs full of crude memorable riffs and lots of headbang-encouraging grooves. 2015 saw the release of their debut album “Barbaric Persecution” offering more precise re-recordings of the killer songs from their demo and several new abominable intestine-twisting songs to their catalogue. Their death metal is soaked in the crudity and unmatched brutality found in a lot of the American East Coast bands from the early 90’ies perfectly wrapped in rough crunchy guitars, bowel liquefying bass, steam rolling drumming and gut puking low grunts all making Torture Rack the foul death metal creature it is.

The band has played many shows around their home in the North West and got invited over to play at the infamous Maryland Death Fest in 2017, truly delivering their caveman death metal putrescence from a bigger scale stage. Their second full length has recently been recorded and has been scheduled for a 2018 release, so it’s our dissolving pleasure to help promote that upcoming torturous death metal splatter platter by bringing them over to Europe for the first time and spew chunky gory metal at us from the stage in Pumpehuset!

Fear the Torture Rack, follow us and enter the “Chamber of Morbidity”:

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