Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #22: DEAD VOID (uk/dk)!

We have taken on a few demo bands over the years because we see their potential –the same goes with the band we are about to announce tonight. Consisting of three expatriates living in Copenhagen – all with backgrounds in various prominent bands – this new project have already played 2 shows abroad, but still no shows in Copenhagen. We wanna keep the level up for them, so we have invited them to play our new outdoor stage in “Byhaven” to warm you guys up straight from the afternoon on our “Gloomy Sunday”! We are excited to present to you DEAD VOID!!

Former members of Grave Miasma, Conan and Virus met in the pubs of Copenhagen and fell together to create a Non-Ritualistic Death Metal power trio. They played their first gig in Bucharest in April 2017 with Czech legends Root, and second live appearance at The Abyss Underground Festival in Gothenburg alongside bands like Nifelheim, Ram, Necromantheon and many others. They released their first official demo ‘The Looming Spectre’ with 4 songs in January 2018, which was immediately sold out due to high demand. More are being made as we speak.

Think Cianide playing Candlemass riffs in Goatlord’s rehearsal basement. No rituals. No trends. Just dark, twisted and fucking heavy Death Metal.

Listen to ‘The Looming Spectre’  here;

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