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Announcement # 23: first european show ever of FETID (us)!!

Yet again a return to the promised focus on the current US underground scene and this time we travel to the infamous city of Seattle, Washington, who in recent years have regurgitated many young promising death metal acts and this is amongst our favorites of recent years; we are excited to present to you for the first time ever in Europe, the reeking fresh corpse of FETID!

Fetid came to being in 2016 with the name change from the dissolved cadaver of Of Corpse, a band two thirds of the members played in from 2013 leading up to the formation of Fetid. In a lot of ways Of Corpse was the beginning of what we hear in Fetid today. Where Of Corpse were heavier (or should we say faster) on the grind side of extreme metal, Fetid delves deeper into absolute gut-wrenching and bowel-extracting death metal heaviness. The duo was joined by Chelsea on bass, who also plays in Seattle death grind band Cauterized, after the name change and started playing local shows and arranged to record a demo.

In 2017 the band released their debut demo suitably entitled “Sentient Pile of Amorphous Rot”, though Headsplit Records and later in the year Extremely Rotten Productions, a showcase of the bands undeniably disgusting and brutally heavy grinding death metal with ultra low tuning and vile deep growls. Rumor has it that Fetid are scheduled to record and release an LP for US Northwest extreme music label 20 Buck Spin this year.

The “Sentient Pile of Amorphous Rot” demo was received extremely well across both the US and Europe and we behind KTDF are repulsively excited about presenting them for the first time in The Old World in September 2018, when Fetid spills their grotesque audio infection in Pumpehuset!

Discover why we’re excited yourselves in the “Foul Remnants”:

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