Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #30: UNDERGANG (DK)!!

If there is such a thing as to be a KTDF house-band it is sure to be the Kill-Town Death Militia band we are about to announce… Though already having played several times at the festival in the past, we find it fitting to once again showcase where this band is now as they are currently stronger than ever! Its with great pleasure that we present to you the band behind reviving Danish underground death metal and putting Denmark back on the map internationally – the one and only UNDERGANG!

Formed in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Undergang has set out to have explored and accomplished a lot in their now 10 year life span. Having released 4 full length albums, a solid list of smaller releases in the form of splits, EP’s and various promotional tapes, the band has also toured big parts of the world and shared a take on death metal with their own slimy, gruesome, low-tuned death metal sewage. Having last year included a second guitarist in their line-up, one can expect an even heavier and massive life performance than earlier experienced at KTDF in the past, when Undergang celebrates their 10th anniversary in Pumpehuset with all of us in September 2018!

Check for yourself here, when Undergang played lived in the studio on Danish Television in December 2017:

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