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Announcement #31: first European show ever of DERKÉTA (us)!!!

Tonight we have a very special treat for you that we have been saving to the very end. Its a band we have been trying to get over for the past many years and this year we finally managed! The band we are about to announce has been around since 1988 and up until now never played in Europe. We are extremely proud to announce that Pittsburg-based DERKÉTA will be performing this years “Gloomy Sunday!!!

Pittsburgh’s Derkéta is a doom influenced four-piece widely acknowledged as the first all female death metal band. The name Derkéta comes from Stygian Mythology; she was the goddess of death of a blood drinking cult.

Formed in 1988 by Sharon Bascovsky (vocals & guitars) and Terri Heggen (drums), Derkéta spent the past two decades in varying degrees of activity, having released several demos throughout the years. In 2009 Mary Bielich (guitar) & Robin Mazen (bass) joined the lineup and began working on what would become their first full length album, “In Death We Meet”, released in May 2012. Reviews for “In Death We Meet” were extremely positive and it subsequently made several Top 10 lists for Best Metal Release of the year around the world. Soon after completing the recording Terri decided to leave Derkéta to pursue other interests, so Mike Laughlin (ex-Creation is Crucifixion and Cattle Decapitation) was recruited to replace Terri on drums.

Currently, with its first stable lineup, Derkéta is now able to play shows in addition to planning future recordings. In January 2014, Derkéta recorded two songs for Pittsburgh’s Mind Cure Records released as a 7” EP May 2014. Derkéta is also in the process of writing their next full length recording as well as booking shows. However, with all the current activity rest assured there are no musical changes from the early days of Derkéta as they feel bound to stay true to themselves and no one else. Derkéta’s musical beliefs are cemented in the spirit of death metal’s early years and as such will never be a slave to trends.

Listen to “In Death We Meet”:

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