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Announcement #33: MORTEM (peru) for the first time in Europe since 2004!!!

We are down to the 3 last announcements and have been saving the best for last… Tonight we are presenting one of the longest excisting and most legendary South American death metal bands ever. They started out all the way back in 1986 and haven´t played Europe since 2004, so its huge for us to be able to host such a legendary band on our small festival. We are stoked and honored beyond belief to announce to you that Peruvian death metal masters MORTEM will be ripping you to pieces at this years KTDF!!!

Mortem is one of the oldest acts and the most celebrated band from the obscured Peruvian Death metal scene, as well as the first to have toured Europe and the United States. Founded by Nebiros and Amduscias in July–August 1986, this dark death metal band has been through several line-up changes.

Mortem released their debut album “Demon Tales” in 1996 after signing a record deal with Peruvian record label Huasipungo Records, then reissued by Merciless Records, with which the band also released “The Devil Speaks in Tongues” (1998) and Decomposed by Possession (2000). With the legendary label Iron Pegasus, the band recorded “De Natura Daemonum” (2005) and “Deinós Nekrómantis” (2016) plus several EPs, live records, demo compilations and splits.

Mortem’s current line-up is completed with Chris Jhon on the twin guitar and José Okamura on bass, and with them, the band’s unique brand of occult old school South American death metal is more savage than ever.

Listen to “Angel of Apostasy”;

This photo is not of the current line-up, but its cool as fuck!

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