Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #35: INCANTATION (us)!!!

We are down to the final announcement and this is one we have been looking forward to share with you. Since the very beginning they have been on our top want list over bands we really wanted to get on the festival, but for 8 long years we never managed – until now… Being one of the originators of death metal and been around without any form of compromise since 1989; its with great pleasure that we can announce that INCANTATION will be performing this years KTDF!!!

A megalith of the death metal underground whose New York scene association, aside the pioneers of the genre, head into a new chapter. Ever precise to their origins the band has witnessed and experienced the ebb and flow of the scene they helped create.

Whether due to giving their support by providing some their first tour experience. Or having that equaled playing with such an array of musicians and bands in and outside the confines of the band. With 10 studio albums, videos even a TV commercial. Numerous releases being in the form of demo cassettes, 7 inches, LP, CD dedication still holds true with tireless effort. Hall of Fame, Top 10 lists honoring their discography through publications, internet and radio.

Having gathered supporters and fans all along the 25 year journey. Circles devoted to all/specific eras or an audience’s first encounter. Incantation has crushed venues, festivals, and clubs with their rabid attendance. From North, Central and South America. Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia or Japan all have welcomed the inferno that scorched their lands.

For a quarter century now they’ve been creating blasphemous death metal and still their indulgence is eternal…….. Under the Ibex Moon!

Listen to “Rites Of The Locust”:

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