Killtown Death Fest

Heavy Thunder Metal Market

Are you also a metal collector? Well, then there will be a great opportunity to update your death metal catalogue, or even complete your Judas Priest assortment, at the Killtown Metal Market, Sunday 9th august. This market will contain: LPs, CDs, Cassettes, T-shirts, pins, etc. 2nd hand but also new stuff!!..
NO entrance fee and everyone will be able to access this event.
Market is open from 12-15.30 and will take place inside Pumpehuset on the ground floor (Black Stage room).

If you are interested in a seller stall/table, contact:

KTDF presents VIRUS Cinema!

Again this year we will have the honor of hosting VIRUS Cinema during KTDF. Friday and Saturday afternoon you will be able to kick back and watch some cult classics handpicked by Jens Franco to mess up your minds.

KTDF and VIRUS BIO proudly present 2 psychotronic wonders from around the world:

Witchfinder General. 1968. Michael Reeves. 86 min.
The Beyond. 1981. Lucio Fulci. 88 min.

We have added Jens Franco´s selections to a new section on this website where you can read more about the films and check out what you´ve got coming for you.

Jens Franco aka Krigsguden. Virus Cinema boss, Devilution and Passive/Aggressive writer, author of ‘Kitsch, Camp & John Waters’, radio DJ and singer of Tumor Warlord & Smitstof.

Witchfinder General. 1968. Michael Reeves. 86 min.
Friday 07.09.208 13.00/1pm in the Black Stage Room (ground floor Pumpehuset). No admission. No seating.
Vincent Price is probably the greatest horror star who ever lived and for half a century he scared the living daylights out of audiences around the world, mostly with his unique campy and playful tongue-in-cheek approach to the macabre. “Witchfinder General” is not that kind of movie, in fact this british über-cult classic might be Price’s most evil and sinister role of his distinguished career as the ruthless witchfinder Matthew Hopkins, a 17th-century English lawyer obsessed with sorcery, witchcraft and those he’s convinced are practitioners of the occult. This immortal gem is a pretty graphic, intense, sadistic and violent horror feature for 1968 and had serious censorship problems back in the day. This is of course the uncut version that VIRUS BIO and KTDF is screening. Nerd info: Doom metallers Cathedral used a lot of footage for their “Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)” music video.

The Beyond. 1981. Lucio Fulci. 88 min.
Saturday 08.09.208 13.00/1pm in the Black Stage Room (ground floor Pumpehuset). No admission. No seating.
For many Lucio Fulci is an even greater horror director than his Italian rival Dario Argento, “The Beyond” being one of the major examples of his superior approach to shock cinema. Fulci has stated that the film isn’t supposed to make much sense in a conventional plotwise way, as “The Beyond” is mostly a surreal cosmic gorefest with Lovecraftian touches that borders on avantgarde cinema and is the second film in Fulci’s ‘Gates of Hell’ trilogy along with “City of the Living Dead” and “The House by the Cemetery”. In a Louisiana hotel one of the Seven Doors of Death has opened and all sorts of graphic diabolical terror is unleashed on mankind. Warning: This is an EXTREMELY gory splatterfest as only Fulci could have made. It also features a wonderful creepy synth soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi. This masterpiece isn’t just another horror cult classic, it goes BEYOND that!

KTDF merch!

We will have a selection of merch for sale during the festival, so come to the Merch & Info point in the yard and support your favorite underground death metal festival!
We will have the following items for sale:
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” t-shirt: 100 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF “Head/cross design” t-shirt: 100 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” longsleeve shirt: 150 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” crewneck/sweatshirt: 200 DKK (Fruit of the Loom)
-KTDF “logo” hoodie: 250 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” tote-bag: 50 DKK
-KTDF 2018 “Head/cross design” tote-bag: 50 DKK
-KTDF “logo” baseball cap: 100 DKK
We accept Danish crowns and have a card reader.
 //KTDF Crew

As we have done for all the previous editions besides 2012, we have again this year made a Kill-Town Death Fest compilation tape with a song from each of the 35 bands performing at this years festival. Normally we have done double cassette tapes, but this year it couldnt fit, so instead we have made a tripple cassette!!! More than 2 hours of the many faces of new and old death metal!
The tapes are limited to 400 copies where only 250 of them will be put up for sale since we are donating a free copy per member of all the performing bands.
The TRIPPLE CASSETTE KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST 2018 COMPILATION TAPE will be for sale during the festival at our merch stall beside the Info Point in the yard of the festival area. The price will be 100 DKK per copy. Any left over copies will be available through Extremely Rotten Productions after the festival: