Killtown Death Fest

KTDF merch!

We will have a selection of merch for sale during the festival, so come to the Merch & Info point in the yard and support your favorite underground death metal festival!
We will have the following items for sale:
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” t-shirt: 100 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF “Head/cross design” t-shirt: 100 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” longsleeve shirt: 150 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” crewneck/sweatshirt: 200 DKK (Fruit of the Loom)
-KTDF “logo” hoodie: 250 DKK (Gildan)
-KTDF 2018 “The Ressurection” tote-bag: 50 DKK
-KTDF 2018 “Head/cross design” tote-bag: 50 DKK
-KTDF “logo” baseball cap: 100 DKK
We accept Danish crowns and have a card reader.
 //KTDF Crew

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