Killtown Death Fest

Thank you!

Wow what a weekend! Kill-Town Death Fest has truly been resurrected! We are so humbled by all the support we have been getting from everyone attending! Thanks for all the compliments, the feedback and for being part of making this weekend so fucking amazing! The KTDF crew would like to express our outmost gratitude to all the bands that came and played and made this weekend as special as it was! Thanks for some historical moments! Also we cannot express how much we appreciate all the help we have been getting from volunteers from across the globe that dedicated part of their weekend to making sure the wheels of the Kill-Town machine kept turning throughout the weekend. Even greater thanks goes out to our amazing teams that took care of the catering, bandcare, the backstage hospitality, the shuttle service, the info & merch point, backliners and sound & light – without your relentless efforts this weekend would not have been possible. Last but not least we have to thank the staff and management of Pumpehuset for being such a great partner and for trusting us in doing this at their amazing venue!

Follow this link for a selection of amazing photos by
Stefan Raduta!

A lot of people have been asking about next year… At this point we cant reveal much other than you will hear from us – thats for sure. Until then we will leave you with a shot of Necros Christos performing the main stage Saturday night courtesy of Bjarke Ahlstrand of One of many Cameras

Day 1 down – day 2 about to start!

Day 1 was a blast and a great success! Now we are getting ready to open the doors for Day 2! ByHaven opens at 12.00/12PM with some sonic ear torment from the DJ collective Metal Maniacs – bars and food trucks will be open too. At 13.00/1PM we open the doors for VIRUS BIO showing WITCHFINDER GENERAL inside in the venue at the ground floor (Black Stage). At 15.30/3.30PM we have the first of our ByHaven shows with GALVANIZER (fin) followed by TAPHOS (dk) at 17.00/5PM. The shows in ByHaven and the movie screening are free, so drop by and have a pint and a burger. Doors to the shows inside open at 17.00/5PM. See you soon!

Mortem cancellation…

Its with heavy hearts that we have to inform you that MORTEM wont make it to KTDF. Here is the statement from the band:
“Mortem regrets to announce that we will not be performing at the Kill-Town Death Fest because of the requirement of transit visas that some members learned about only while checking-in at the airport. In consequence, the line-up was severely compromised, making it impossible for us to perform live. We extend the promoters and the maniacs attending the Fest our deepest apologies for this unfortunate outcome, since we were looking forward to playing in Europe again after 14 years”.
At this point we wont be able to find a suitable replacement. We are so sorry for this, but this situation is completely out of our hands.
On the bright side there is less than 24 hours until everything kicks off! Doors and early check in from 15.00. Go to the Info Point and get your wristband and program early, so you dont have to wait in line. See you all tomorrow!
//KTDF Crew