Killtown Death Fest

Day 1 down – day 2 about to start!

Day 1 was a blast and a great success! Now we are getting ready to open the doors for Day 2! ByHaven opens at 12.00/12PM with some sonic ear torment from the DJ collective Metal Maniacs – bars and food trucks will be open too. At 13.00/1PM we open the doors for VIRUS BIO showing WITCHFINDER GENERAL inside in the venue at the ground floor (Black Stage). At 15.30/3.30PM we have the first of our ByHaven shows with GALVANIZER (fin) followed by TAPHOS (dk) at 17.00/5PM. The shows in ByHaven and the movie screening are free, so drop by and have a pint and a burger. Doors to the shows inside open at 17.00/5PM. See you soon!

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