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Kill-Town Death Fest VII – “The Decompomorphosis” announcement!

Your favourite rotten, festering, slimy underground death metal festival is back with its 7th edition! In September 2019 Copenhagen will again for 4 days straight be transmorphed into a mekka for death metal pilgrim fiends from around the world! “The Resurrection” was such a success and overwhelming experience and at the same time showed that Kill-Town Death Fest is still relevant despite several other festivals with similar concepts have emerged since our inception back in 2010.

Therefor we are excited to announce that KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST VII – THE DECOMPOMORPHOSIS” will take place 5th – 8th of September 2019!! 4 days of death, 40 bands, 3 stages, events, horror cinema, distros, food, drinks and death metal freaks from across the globe!

Our focus will mainly be on the contemporary death metal bands of the international scenes curated to represent what we think is a selection of the best of the bands out there. As always we try to also encompass some older and slightly more established bands without focussing on headliners as such. We feel that the big bands of the older generations have enough exposure on the bigger festivals and therefor no need for us to bring them in. As we did last year we have again chosen to let North America take up a big part of the line-up. In fact this year it’s a 3rd of the total line-up coming from the North American continent. But last year we accidentally overlooked Canada and this year we have really tried to compensate for that. Besides North America you will find a representation from both Scandinavia and Europe in general and also acts from the Middle East, the far East and Australia.

We have chosen to keep the festival at the same venue again. A big part of it for us is the very suitable facilities of Pumpehuset with the two indoor stages and the outside area with a stage, bar and seating area. We felt it worked out perfectly for the event – both in size and atmosphere. But of course since the festival sold out so quickly it was a consideration to move it to a bigger venue – not to make more money, but to not have it as an exclusive event for the few that were lucky enough to get a ticket while they were still for sale. We decided against this for a few different reasons – mainly due to the fact that several very similar festival concepts have popped up in the same timeframe as KTDF, but also because it would be very hard for us to create the same vibe at the festival in another venue. Another consideration is that we love to book small bands and would they work in a huge hall in front a massive crowd? Not sure. For now we keep the shows at 400 cap in the down stairs venue and 600 in the upstairs hall. We feel it works out perfectly for the type of bands we have been booking so far.

Kill-Town Death Fest 2019 will once again be organized as a collaboration between the “Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme” association (UMA), Killtown Bookings and Pumpehuset and remain a volunteer run festival. UMA has been revitalized with some new forces, but unfortunately a few of our main members have decided to leave the organization. We want to thank them for their dedication, passion and hard work in creating these very time straining events under the banner of DIY and volunteering for underground metal. A special thanks goes out to David Mikkelsen who was the co-creator of the KTDF concept and the backbone of the organization since its inception who sadly have decided to leave due to other commitments. David has through his artwork drawn this festival to life with his unique eye for death metal aesthetiques. Luckily for all of you guys David has agreed to create the artwork for this year’s event one last time. Therefor the title of the festival – “THE DECOMPOMORHOSIS”. We rot in festering slime only to transmutate into something new. Like a beautiful rotten Phoenix bird rising from the oozing slime from the wormridden carcases of the final slaughter of Kill-Town Death Fest as we know it. The 2019 edition will be dedicated to David and his relentless effort in keeping this festival alive for all these years. 2020 will mark the 10 year of KTDF, so let’s see what time will bring.

We will start the band announcements on January 10th. One band a day for 40 days. Presale will start on the 10th as well at 12.00 CET. Be quick cause there will only be 700 tickets for sale – and if things will go as last year they will not be up for long…

We hope you are as excited about this as we are!

//The KTDF Crew/Undergrundsmusikkens Fremme Association/Killtown Bookings

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