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Announcement #2: for the first time in Europe ever; Tomb Mold (can)!

Are you ready for our second announcement? We are still trying to comprehend what happened yesterday, but that won’t change the fact that we have 39 more bands to announce… So let’s start off with one of our Canadian bands! As many of you most likely have guessed, we have had our eyes and ears locked in on this new entity spawning from Toronto who reared their ugly head for the first time back in 2016. They have been very busy since then, storming forward and gaining a following around the globe in such short time. Now the time has come for their crusade to continue overseas…Therefor we are extremely excited to present for the first time in Europe ever –TOMB MOLD!!!

Canadian death metal band Tomb Mold started as a 2 person project. Having played music together over numerous years, Derrick and Max knew exactly how they wanted to approach this, both from a sound and visual perspective. The goal was simply recording one or two demo tapes and then calling it a day. So much for that. Due to an overwhelming response to “The Bottomless Perdition”, they decided to work with Blood Harvest on “Primordial Malignity” to continue building their sound using the foundation of Finnish style death metal, their first full length. After the 2nd tape “The Moulting”, they turned Tomb Mold into a 4 piece touring band adding long-time friends and former band-mates Steve and Payson on bass and guitar respectively. Their 2nd full length was released with 20 Buck Spin, and “Manor of Infinite Forms” showcases their departure from playing a specific style of death metal and just writing anything they feel comfortable with. As the label puts it, “Constructing monumental towers of obscure shape, jarring yet coherent, Tomb Mold compositions evoke a distorted world alongside our own where all manner of oddity and peculiarity are permitted.” It also continued to build on the cosmic, insectoid infected universe they have been building through their music with the help of Brad Moore’s legendary artwork. Since then they have started touring and playing fests and have had the opportunity to tour with top tier bands like Horrendous and Of Feather and Bone. Continuing on with this momentum, expect to see more music released in 2019.

Check out Tomb Mold here: (Live at Saint Vitus)


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