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KTDF 2019 sold out rant

As the dust settles, we are still trying to fathom what happened yesterday… Even though we had a feeling Kill-Town Death Fest would sell out again, we had no idea it would happen so fast! We are extremely humbled by all the support and amazing feedback, we have been receiving from all over the world – overwhelming to say the least! We want to thank everyone who bought a ticket and thereby supporting what we are doing here! We also want to make it clear that we won’t accept anyone trying to resell the tickets overpriced, so if anyone sees anyone trying to resell the tickets with a profit please let us know and we will take action.

To all of you who didn’t manage to get a ticket in time; do not despair! There are a bunch of excellent festivals out there in the same time frame, so if you had your mind on going to Scandinavia or northern Europe for a dose of underground metal please check out the following events;
BEYOND THE GATES, Bergen, Norway 21st – 24th August 2019
-mainly black metal, but also death and doom metal
HELSINKI DEATH FEST, Helsinki, Finland 23rd – 24th August 2019 (
-oldschool death metal
MORBID CATACOMBS FEST, Berlin, Germany 20th-31st August 2019
-oldschool death metal DIY supreme
BLOODSHED FEST, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 13th – 14th September 2019
-Grind, punk, death, doom
NRW DEATH FEST, Wermelskirchen, Germany 20th – 21st September 2019
-oldschool death metal and grindcore
SCANDINAVIA DEATH FEST, Stockholm, Sweden 11th – 12th October 2019
-death metal, punk and grind

Even though the festival already sold out we will still continue with the “xmas calendar” approach and announce a band a day. This is not a marketing strategy but a channel of exposure for the bands we have curated for your enjoyment. Please take your time and read our long descriptions and listen to the bands and if you like what you hear, please go and buy their records.

Next announcement will go up at 16.00 CET today. We are aiming at announcing a band every day around this time, but some days it will be earlier and some days later. Just stay tuned for a plethora of great underground DM bands in your face on a daily basis for the next 38 days.

We would also like to share some thoughts with you and possibly start a debate about the issues and complications of a small event growing out of its own capacity. As mentioned in our announcement from January 1st we were already made aware of the issue when last year´s edition sold out in about 3 weeks and loads of people still wanted to get a ticket. We wrote “of course since the festival sold out so quickly it was a consideration to move it to a bigger venue – not to make more money, but to not have it as an exclusive event for the few that were lucky enough to get a ticket while they were still for sale. We decided against this for a few different reasons – mainly due to the fact that several very similar festival concepts have popped up in the same timeframe as KTDF, but also because it would be very hard for us to create the same vibe at the festival in another venue. Another consideration is that we love to book small bands and would they work in a huge hall in front a massive crowd?”
This is what we would like to discuss with you guys, because from our perspective it’s 100% about the atmosphere, the bands and the crowd – not to make money nor to sell more tickets. As the “demand” for this event has increased we are faced with the dilemma of either making the event bigger with the risk of losing its underground feeling and thereby its core crowd support, but on the other hand, we don’t want it to be an elitist event for the fast few with money. So there are pros and cons and we are stuck in a dilemma of what to do and how to go from here.

We would be very happy to hear your thoughts on this subject so we can take that into consideration for future editions.

//KTDF Crew

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