Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #5: One-off Euro performance for ANTEDILUVIAN (can)!!!

Tonight we shift our focus back to Canada where we have an exclusive treat for you guys up our sleeve. The band we are about to announce performs very rarely and the appearance at KTDF will be one out of a few select performances in 2019 which are the first since 2015! They have been on our want list for many years so being able to finally present a one-off European performance is a tremendous honour! It’s with great pleasure we bring you one of Canadas most obscure extreme metal entities; ANTEDILUVIAN!!!

Known for an uncompromisingly unique aesthetic, Canadian experimental Black Death outfit Antediluvian exemplifies the true ethos of Satanic expression through original and creative song writing and visual presentation. Their style incorporates baffling time signatures, dissonant riffing, woven in intricately structured rhythmic chaos. The music is a fitting compliment to the adversarial ideologies presented by accompanying lyrics and art. These themes encompass existential terror, transgression, and death worship, to create entheogenic nightmares of spiritual disturbance.  With two full lengths and a slew of EPs behind them, Antediluvian look forward to the release of their third album as well as a new split and EP in the coming year. Dormant from the gigging circuit since 2015, they return with their strongest live presentation yet, appearing in 2019 in Europe at Killtown Death Fest September 5 – 8 and in North America at Covenant Festival, July 4 – 6.

Check out Antediluvian here:

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