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Announcement #7: Ignivomous (aus)!!!

The next announcement comes from all the way down under and will be a rare opportunity to bare witness to. This will be only the third international onslaught in the bands’s tenure – a decade since their last incursion upon European soil. Therefor we are very pleased to bring to you a band that spews forth some of the most focused and abysmally brutal death metal ever unleashed – all the way from Australia; IGNIVOMOUS!!!

Borne out of the members desire to see a resurgence of a heavier, more dissonant style of death metal, Ignivomous were among the first bands in what has since become a recognized movement (and revival) of murky, dense death metal.

Formed in 2006, Australians Ignivomous quickly issued a cassette version of their Path of Attrition demo which soon after sold out. The band then signed to cult US label Nuclear War Now! who re-issued Path of Attrition on vinyl, followed by their debut full-length album Death Transmutation in 2008 and sophomore Contragenesis in 2011.

Heiroglossia, their third full-length opus, is scheduled for production in 2019, featuring — in addition to founding members Chris Volcano, Sean Hinds and Jael Edwards — Lewis Fischer (Altars) and Chris Jordon (Inverloch). Anticipate a churning maelstrom of blast beat laden savagery and harrowing doom passages. Raw death metal building firmly from their own legacy and pushing further into the void. Hostile, sinister and spiteful, as the name translates: vomiting fire.

Check out Ignivomous here:

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