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Announcement #14: one-off exclusive first ever European performance and reunion of the legendary TRANSGRESSOR (jp)!!!

Tonight we have a nice, rare and obscure treat for you! As many of you possibly know, Anatomia from Japan, is one of our favorite bands ever, where a strong bond has grown over the years. Takashi has been visiting and playing two times earlier with Anatomia and last year with Wormridden. Now we thought it would be interesting to go back to where it all began and present to you one of his earliest, formative bands from the late 80´ies Tokyo underground death metal scene. We are extremely proud and excited to present to you a one-off exclusive first ever European performance and reunion of the legendary TRANSGRESSOR!!!

Transgressor was formed by Takashi (Drums/Vocals)(Anatomia/Necrophile/Wormridden) and Junichi (Guitars/Bass) after their former thrash band Gamvetta broke up in 1989. They released their first demo “Transmigration” in the same year which led them to finding of the bassist Akihito (ex-Jurassic Jade) to complete the line-up.

Transgressor started actively to play local gigs and released the second demo “Twisting Brochus” in 1990. Having the demo professionally recorded with some improvements made, the response was satisfactory and promoted greatly to the overseas underground scene.

In 1991, Junichi left the band but soon Kimihide (ex-Meltdown/Quench) joined in for the replacement. Three songs were recorded with Yoshio (ex-Necro-E/ex-Anatomia) joining in as the second guitarist and the first full-length album “Ether for Scapegoat” was released by Dutch label Cyber Music in 1992. Their music slightly changed into a slower death/doom with dark atmospheres.

In 1992, the band broke up again mainly due to Takashi moving to the US for a couple of years. After Takashi returned to Japan in 1996, they reformed by recruiting new members but it only lasted until they recorded few songs for compilation releases.

Although they have played once outside Japan, in Detroit in 1994, the show at Kill-Town Death Fest will be their first time ever in Europe and the first since their reunion show in Tokyo in 2015.

Check out Transgressor here:

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