Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #16: Bastard Grave (swe)!

Today we are looking towards our sister nation to the East, Sweden, where they since day one have had a mayor role in the development of death metal. The band we are about to announce are following that great tradition and keeping it low-fi, raw, punk and oldschool. Its the first of our announcements for the outdoor stage in ByHaven, where those of you attended last year will know the great vibe of the afternoon shows. This band also played the KTDF warm up show on said stage last year, so now we would finally like to welcome BASTARD GRAVE to play Kill-Town Death Fest!

Bastard Grave is an oldschool death metal band from southern Sweden that likes to keep it primitive and raw. There is no place for technicality and musical show-off here, only lobotomized and disgusting death metal.  Started by a bunch of demented minds in 2012, and after releasing their first demo they immediately caught the attention of Pulverised Records in Singapore, and a deal was signed. At the end of 2015 the debut album “What lies beyond” was unleashed. It’s an album firmly rooted in the oldschool death metal of their home country Sweden, with added filth, hooks and punk mentality. Touring soon followed which took them to large parts of europe, and they have since then done a slew of shows in support of the album.

With a new album in the works, ready for release in time for Kill-Town Death Fest, expect a shift in focus from the frantic speed and riffing of the first album, into slower and murkier territories.

Check out Bastard Grave here:
(new song from the ”Tour promo 2018”)

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