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Announcement #21: very first European bombardement for SUPERSTITION (us)!!!

Tonight we turn our focus back towards the States, where we have the honour of presenting a very fresh new outfit with only a demo out so far, but a very promising one. They are in our humble opinion one of the most interesting new outfits to rear its ugly head from the thriving American death metal underground. We are therefor very excited to present to you the first bombardent on European soil for SUPERSTITION!!!

Superstition was forged in the furnace of death to construct ripping evil in the classic vein of the Americas. Through the smoke of ruin, the four malefactors of the phantom swarm committed the ‘Surging Throng of Evil’s Might’ demo to tape in the dying moments of 2017. Charging themselves with upholding the menacing lunacy of early American bands such as Necrovore and Possessed, Superstition serves as a torch in the dark to fellow subterranean miscreants standing in opposition to modernity. ‘Surging Throng of Evil’s Might’ showcases ripping, riff-focused evil in the vein of early pan-American progenitors from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. Warp speed riffs and searing, chaotic solos played with uninhibited belligerence run headlong into horrific analog manipulation to guide the listener into total spiritual destruction in the outer realms. Quickly after self-releasing their initial offering, the band formed an alliance with 20 Buck Spin for an LP version of the demo as well as future conspiracies.

In mid-2019 a new shapeless evil will be unleashed. Wrought in the discordant shadows of the preternatural world, Superstition’s debut full length will bring humanity to waste in the pan-dimensional realms of illimitable darkness. Coinciding with the release will be a global assault upon the underground with performances across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Check out Superstition here:

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