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Announcement #23: Accoustic warm-up to “Gloomy Sunday” with The Dead Creed (gr)!!!

Today and tomorrow we are presenting something we have never tried before. We are branching out and taking things onto the unbeaten path… We have for years been toying with some ideas on how to expand the “Gloomy Sunday” concept and finally this year we have been able to make these ideas materialize. We want to make an opening afternoon on our outdoor stage with two acoustic acts, both fitting in vibe and atmosphere, but also directly connected to death metal. Therefor we would like to present to you the first of our two scheduled acts for the “Gloomy Sunday”warm-up; the great acoustic one-man death metal act; THE DEAD CREED!!!

The Dead Creed is a mesmerizing one of a kind music project. It was conceived during fall 2014 in a flooded catacomb under a chapel in the middle of nowhere at the Holy Mountain area of Northern Greece. The aim was to create acoustic Death Metal music that resembles to Orthodox Monastery mass. Catacomb Blues, a demo with the first two songs was recorded inside the cave using a mobile phone, capturing the essence of the Creed together with the monstrous reverb created by the cave and the water in it. It was uploaded for free download on bandcamp. Few months later, album material was recorded in a Professional Studio using cutting edge equipment to recreate the sound of the Catacomb. 22 Shows in Europe plus Japan were organized and performed alongside significant metal and non metal bands leaving a very strong impression to the attendees, musicians, organizers and venue owners due to the massive live sound, compositions and imposing performance. Today, the album of The Dead Creed is in the pressing plant, and actions are being taken to organize another series of appearances.

Distinctive sound, Fits no Genre, Can play along different styles of music, breathtaking performance of one person that sounds like a 3-4 piece band without the use of samples or pre-recorded parts. The Creed has proven to be able stand equally next to big bands; on small and big stages. Able to create an atmosphere by opening concerts and festivals, Can perform as an atmospheric interlude between bands, and also as an after headliner. Mystical, capturing, awe inspiring and minimalistic performance; powerful enough to impress the audience of a wide span of musical preferences and put them into a trance.

Check out The Dead Creed here: (live clip)

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