Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #24: Ra Al Dee Experience to play “Gloomy Sunday”!!!

Today we have the honor of presenting a band that we have asked for years to come and play KTDF and it never happened until now. For all of you who have been sitting at home and listening to the oriental interludes on the Necros Christos albums, we have a treat for you – cause Mors Dalos Ra from Necros Christos will be joining us with percussionist Ben Ya Min Al Dee performing the songs of the mighty RA AL DEE EXPERIENCE as part of the “Gloomy Sunday” warm up!!!

Ra Al Dee Experience is performing acoustic oriental craftsmanship with strong mystical content in own compositions. Its name deriving from its two players: Ben Ya Min Al Dee – Percussion, Voice and M. Dalos Ra – Guitar, Saz, Voice.

Founded around 2007 in Berlin, Germany while recording the first demo in 2009, released by Ván Records officially. Heavily inspired by al`Oud players such as Munir Bashir and Rabih Abou-Khalil, the music in itself follows classical Persian and Indian motives with a strong portion of dark extravaganza and even obscure Jazz elements.Titles and themes of the compositions derive from Kabbalah mysticism and the vast secrets emerging by studying Torah.

A Mini Album was released by Ván Records in 2016, entitled Diatessaron.

Check out Ra Al Dee Experience here:

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