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Announcement  #27: GHASTLY (fin)!!!

Today we will once again turn our focus back on the greatest death metal nation of Scandinavia; Finland. Despite being around since 2011, it wasn’t until last year’s release through 20 Buck Spin, that the band we are about to announce caught our attention. With an amazingly twisted psychedelic approach to death metal this release really hits a nerve and was definitely on our top 10 list of releases from last year. Therefor we are excited to present to you, the spaced out heavy sounds of GHASTLY!!!

Ghastly is a Finnish hallucinogenic death metal band from Tampere. They started out as a duo, but slowly been raising it’s ugly presence on stages as a full band. The self-released demo tape “Death is Present” came out straight after the forming of the band in late 2011. Same approach continued on the next offering, a 7” titled “Serpentine Union / The Divine Fire” (Demonhood Productions, NO, 2013), but on the debut full length, “Carrion of Time” (Me Saco Un Ojo Records, UK, 2015) the band had more psychedelic vibes and hooks to offer. After a few years of calmness, the time was right to unleash another psychedelia infused & otherworldly full length album that goes by the name “Death Velour” (20 Buck Spin, USA, 2018).

A five year live hiatus were broken in September 2018, to support the mighty Anatomia, among others. Blending the early 90’s Finnish death metal into an eerie world of horror movies, accompanied with psychedelic sound and chaos. That’s what Ghastly is all about.

Check out Ghastly here:

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