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Announcement #28: Israel’s HAR to play Byhaven stage!!!

Today we will turn our focus back to the Middle-East and once again dig up a rotten corpse of the Tel-Avivian underground metal scene. Though initially dubbed as a black metal band, the band we are about to announce has over time and especially with its 2018 EP released through Blood Harvest Records, moved more into the realms of obscure, dark and chaotic death metal. We are therefor excited to announce that Israel´s HAR, will be performing our ByHaven stage during KTDF!!!

Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Har was formed in 2014 as a 4-piece band by members aligned with bands such as Tamut Amen, Kever, Venomous Skeleton and Mortuus Umbra. Initially the intention was playing a form of raw black metal, a period which is summed up in their debut EP “BAAL HA-OV” which was release by Wolfsbane Records and Orgasmatron Records. Yet as time went on and with the addition of a second guitar player, the urge to express chaos and to delve into obscurity took the band in a path which resulted in “VISITATION”, the band’s second EP, released via Blood Harvest Records in early 2018. Following the release and a line-up change, replacing S.Pollak on guitar With T.Cohen (Mortuus Umbra, Kever), the band embarked in September 2018 on its first appearance outside Israel with a mini-tour through Germany and the Netherlands. The band is currently working on new songs for their next recording which will be a continuation and intensification of the path already taken towards frantic expressions of exalting chaos and obscurantism.

Check out Har here:

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