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Announcement #32: First ever performance and official live recording of ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS (us)!!!

Tonight we have the distinct honor of presenting to you something special – something that has never happened before. This is what this festival is truly about; presenting live moments of bands from around the globe that you wont be able to see anywhere else. This is one for all you extreme nerds that search the deep corners of Metal Archives to find the obscure side projects of your favorite artists. The band we are about to announce have never performed live and have never done a real recording or release despite lurking in the dark for well  over a decade. Comprised by people from the Denver underground scene, we are extremely proud to present the first ever performance and official live recording of ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS!!!

The tentacles of ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS reach deep into the mists of the extreme doom underground…

Lurking beneath the slime of the cult Oregonian bands MÜNN and MERKSTAVE, guitarist/vocalist Paul Riedl began writing for a new funeral doom project in the Winter of 2007. When MÜNN vocalist/bassist Joris Brinkerhoff passed away in September 2009, Riedl was left with the unreleased 30-minute sequel to their infamous “Selbstmordwald Pt. One” rehearsal demo, which had achieved notoriety in some circles for its extremely slow riffs, bleak atmosphere, and miserable, tortured vocals.

Relocating to Colorado in 2011, Riedl met guitarist Isaac Faulk from STOIC DISSENTION, an equally dismal and despondent black/doom band. They set out to create a new project together, playing ancient, monolithic and vast funeral doom that would leave its mark on the underground. Under a new moniker, ABYSMAL  DIMENSIONS, and rechristening the unreleased “Selbstmordwald Pt. Two” as “Of the Welkin & the Dismal Abyss”, the lost song was finally given new life. At the end of 2018, the duo enlisted the help of bandmates Eli Wendler from SPECTRAL VOICE and Erika Osterhout from SCOLEX to begin rehearsing for the release of their first official recording and simultaneuous debut performance at the legendary KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST VII: THE DECOMPOMORPHOSIS this September 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Over a decade in the making, this will be a performance not to be missed…

Check out the KTDF promo clip of Abysmal Dimensions here:

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