Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #34: presenting the first ever European performance of BLACK CURSE (us)!!!

Tonight we have another Colorado treat for you guys. It’s a new project formed by veterans of the Denver scene, so despite the lack of available audio, we still decided to take a chance and present this new band to the Killtown crowd. If you are into raw, distorted, obscure punky death metal – this will be right up your alley. Without further ado, we are excited to present the first ever European performance of BLACK CURSE!!!

Formed in 2015, Black Curse is the focused will of four death-obsessed maniacs. Physically residing in Denver, Colorado, the band is comprised of various members of other cults responsible for the outside attention the city has gained in recent years. The band has grown slowly over the years, changing form several times.  A meticulous writing process, wrought with intention and focus, demands reflection. With this in mind they chose to let the material take shape over time, evolving into a fully realized vision of something powerful and succinct. Combining ripping, violent rhythms with razor sharp riffing and trancelike pulses, Black Curse creates true malevolence!

In January, Two Thousand Nineteen, the band sequestered themselves within Cave Evil, deep in the Rocky Mountains, and ensnared engineer Arthur Rizk to capture what will soon become their first full length album. That recording will manifest Autumn 2019. Until then, the band has chosen to keep the material close to its chest – only allowing a small window into the evil and madness that awaits through an unhinged, raw rehearsal. Wanting to ensure that every show is of a particular importance and atmosphere, live performances will be rare. Killtown Deathfest 2019 will serve as the debut performance of the album, start to finish.

Check out Black Curse here:

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