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Announcement #35: Assumption (it)!!!

Tonight we are turning our focus towards south Europe – actually almost as south as you can get – Sicily, Italy. The band we are about to announce has been flying under our radar for quite many years until the band´s debut album came out last year to much international praise. They play doom/death the way it was laid out by the old masters of the craft, so its with great pleasure we can announce that ASSUMPTION will be playing “Gloomy Sunday” at KTDF this year!!!

Assumption was created in Palermo, Italy, in 2011 by Giorgio and David of Haemophagus and formerly of Undead Creep, Morbo ecc. to worship the altar of doom death metal.
Initially started as a studio-project, Assumption have nonetheless managed to set up a live line-up throughout the years, sharing stages with bands such as Esoteric, Demilich, Sub Rosa and so on. The band’s current live line-up is completed by Claudio Troise (Gravesite, Ancient Cult, Bland Vargar ecc.) on bass and Matija Dolinar (Teleport, Escarnium) on lead guitar.
Their latest album “Absconditus” stands as the sonic proof of Assumption’s psychedelic approach to doom death metal, where visionary, Floyd-esque sections are combined with extremely heavy, downtempo riffs in the vein of pioneers like diSEMBOWELMENT, Winter, Sorrow, Evoken or early Paradise Lost.

Check out Assumption here:

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