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Anouncement #37: first show since 2014 for Swedens NECROVATION!!!

Now we are down to the last 4 announcements and we have been saving some nice treats for the end. Today we are excited to present the first show since 2014 of a great Swedish entity. Back then they supported Morbid Angel, but since then been more dormant than some Lovecraft creatures. Now they are back and with a fourth member to make the line up even stronger. We are excited to present to you the “come back” show for Swedens’s NECROVATION!!!

Necrovation released their debut album in 2008 via Blood Harvest Records after building on some demo and 7” singles-success. What seemed to be a straight forward Death Metal business surprised the scene with 2012’s self titled album. Necrovation have paths laid out in more than one direction and isn’t an easy band to describe mainly because of the many years in service has offered so few products to observe – you simply don’t know what to expect from a Necrovation release or live appearance (which seems to be entirely amusing for these Swedes). The bands line up is steady and consists of the same individuals that recorded their debut album in 2006.

Check ot Necrovation here:

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