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Announcement #38: European mainland exclusive one-off for MITOCHONDRION (can)!!!

Tonight we will take one last look towards Canada and it’s flannel clad, maple syrup drenched, CVLT as fuck underground scene. The band we are about to announce doesn’t play much live, so it’s a rare occasion to see them live. In fact this will just be one out of two European performances this year and the only one in mainland Europe. The band is comprised by some of our favourite death metal die-hards, who works hard promoting underground death metal through the Covenant Collective, which is behind the Covenant Festivals, magazine and label. Without further ado we are extremely excited to present to you that the mighty MITOCHONDRION will return to KTDF!!!

Since 2003, Mitochondrion has been wallowing through the mire of putrefaction, harnessing each horrific stage of a grander alchemical working to craft a singular and bizarre death metal sound. Forged in Victoria BC in the long shadow of Ross Bay Cemetery, the band initially gained global attention through the 100% DIY release of the debut album “Archaeaeon” in 2008. The ambitious record borrowed its way into the minds of the unsuspecting and gathered a devout cult following. A pact was sealed with fellow countryman Profound Lore Records to release the truly awful and ruinous “Parasignosis” in early 2011. This record refined Mitochondrion’s terrifying sound into a dense and filthy display uniting harnessed chaos and impenetrable darkness. The wake of this release saw Mitochondrion playing throughout the USA and Europe including the infamous Rites of Darkness III, the final Chaos in Tejas, Dark Descent Fest in Portland, Kill-Town Death Fest, Incubate Festival, Maryland Deathfest, a European tour with Ritual Necromancy, and an American tour with Phobocosm. Within this time, long time comrade Dark Descent Records also unveiled the “Archaeaeon” re-release on DLP, “Antinumerology” 7″, and the “In Cronian Hour” 7″ split with Auroch. After 2016 the band slammed the door shut on public activity, vowing to not return until a new, highly demanded record was (at least nearly) complete.

In November 2017 Mitochondrion started tracking the next grand opus of twisted death metal mayhem. Currently in progress, over a year in the works, and already eclipsing everything previously written, the details of this manifestation will be made public when the time is right. In the meantime, the band will play this new material across the planet at various festivals throughout 2019. Mitochondrion hasn’t played in Europe in nearly 5 years and eagerly awaits the mayhem!

Check out Mitochondrion here:

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