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Announcement #39: The mighty Funebrarum (us) returns to KTDF!!!

We are getting close to the end of the x-mas calendar of death. Tonight we are excited to present to you one of our last headliners who are celebrating 20 years of death metal this year! This performance will be the band’s first appearance in Europe since their last tour in 2017 and at Kill-Town since 2011. We are honoured to announce that New Jersey’s dark death metal stalwarts FUNEBRARUM will return to Kill-Town Death Fest after eight years!

Funebrarum re-emerges from the darkest depths to unleash their offering of morbid and heavy Death Metal.  Still dedicated to the late 80’s / early 90’s underground Death Metal scene, the initial drive and motivation for the band remains.  DEATH METAL – the old way!!

Formed in 1999 in Clifton, New Jersey by vocalist Daryl Kahan and guitarist Nick Orlando along with drummer Dario Derna (Infester). This original line up recorded the band’s first demo cassette entitled “Triumphant Ascent”, released in 2000. A tape that was well received worldwide.

Joined shortly thereafter by bassist David Wagner and drummer Brian Jimenez they recorded their debut full-length album entitled “Beneath The Columns of Abandoned Gods”, recorded in 2000, released in 2001. This release cemented the band’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. During this time the band played many brutal and intense shows in the NY/ NJ area with bands like Mortician, Evoken, Crucifier, Nunslaughter, Mayhem, Dead Infection among many others.

A 7″ EP entitled “Dormant Hallucination was released in 2003, a split CD / LP with Sweden’s Interment in 2007 and second full-length album entitled “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams” was released in 2009.  With the “Morbid Dreams” line-up including Alex Books (Goreaphobia / Immolation) the band embarked on a successful tour of Europe with Denmark’s Undergang in 2012.

After an extensive period of inactivity several members departed the band to focus on their careers, families or other musical projects. In 2015, Daryl decided to reform the band with new blood including guitarist Samuel Osborne, drummer Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead), bassist Kyle Winslow and guitarist Yuri Kahan (no relation).  With this line-up the band wrote and recorded three new songs (and re-recorded one old unreleased demo song) over the course of three days. This demo recording entitled “Exhumation of the Ancient Dead” was released in 2016 on CD / LP on (Doomentia / Morbid Wrath Records) and was sold on the band’s European tour with Interment (Sweden) 2016.

An upcoming new album is in progress on Pulverized Records coming later in 2019 and also a tour of Mexico is planned with Denial (Mex) in March!!


Check out Funebrarum here:

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