Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #34: NECROS CHRISTOS (de)!!!

Tonight we are extremely excited to announce that one of the best contemporary German death metal bands will return to KTDF to play songs of their highly anticipated upcoming full-length set to be released in May of this year. The band has been on a two-year live hiatus to focus on the song writing and recording process of the new album. Perfectly timed they return to the stages in the summer of 2018 and will make their way up to Copenhagen to play a monstrous set consisting of old and new material that will blow your minds! We are honored and blessed to be able to announce that the mighty NECROS CHRISTOS will return to out stage!!!

Raised through magic and mysticism in late 2001 by guitarist/vocalist Mors Al Ra while soon becoming famous for delivering some of the most dark yet epic Death Metal ever.

In 2011 Necros Christos released its second full length album “Doom of the Occult”through german labels Sepulchral Voice and Ván Records. The album featured nine songs alongside numerous acoustic interludes for which the band became infamously known for since its creation a decade earlier. A sonic mass, constructed like a classical oratorio, equally unique and disturbing.

With their first full length album released in 2007 named “Triune Impurity Rites”, the band gained a worldwide following without leaving behind the atmosphere of the demos – two of which had legendary status already.

Supreme live performances were held since 2005, testifying the band`s status of being one of the darkest yet most heavy Death Metal acts of today`s scene.

Necros Christos` third and final magnum opus, entitled “Domedon Doxomedon” will be released through Sepulchral Voice Records on the 18th of May 2018. Being a triple album and operating totally against the modern zeitgeist of music, it will show the band from their most epic yet angry side ever.

NC will gloriously return to stages in 2018, performing a new and huge live set featuring various classics from all of their releases. Be aware for the time is at hand. Endtyme Death Metal ascends.

Listen to “Black Bone Crucifix”

Et exspecto resurrectionem mortuorum. NECROS : CHRISTOS vobiscum.

Announcement #33: MORTEM (peru) for the first time in Europe since 2004!!!

We are down to the 3 last announcements and have been saving the best for last… Tonight we are presenting one of the longest excisting and most legendary South American death metal bands ever. They started out all the way back in 1986 and haven´t played Europe since 2004, so its huge for us to be able to host such a legendary band on our small festival. We are stoked and honored beyond belief to announce to you that Peruvian death metal masters MORTEM will be ripping you to pieces at this years KTDF!!!

Mortem is one of the oldest acts and the most celebrated band from the obscured Peruvian Death metal scene, as well as the first to have toured Europe and the United States. Founded by Nebiros and Amduscias in July–August 1986, this dark death metal band has been through several line-up changes.

Mortem released their debut album “Demon Tales” in 1996 after signing a record deal with Peruvian record label Huasipungo Records, then reissued by Merciless Records, with which the band also released “The Devil Speaks in Tongues” (1998) and Decomposed by Possession (2000). With the legendary label Iron Pegasus, the band recorded “De Natura Daemonum” (2005) and “Deinós Nekrómantis” (2016) plus several EPs, live records, demo compilations and splits.

Mortem’s current line-up is completed with Chris Jhon on the twin guitar and José Okamura on bass, and with them, the band’s unique brand of occult old school South American death metal is more savage than ever.

Listen to “Angel of Apostasy”;

This photo is not of the current line-up, but its cool as fuck!

Announcement #32: Runemagick´s (swe) first show since 2005!!!

This one is very special to us. We have been trying for years to get this all time favorite Swedish doom/death band to come and play “Gloomy Sunday”, but the answer was always no… But this year something had changed and they finally agreed to come and play KTDF despite being in a state of hipernation since 2005! We are extremely proud to be able to announce that RUNEMAGICK will be playing their first show in 13 years at this years KTDF!!!!

The band has planned to do a few shows during 2018 and the first booked is Kill-Town Death Fest VI. The live line-up will be Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitar & vocals, Emma Rudolfsson – bass, Daniel Moilanen – drums and Jonas Blom – guitar. There are also plans to record new material in the form of an EP titled “Evoked From Abysmal Sleep” and release it on vinyl via Aftermath Music and bandcamp in time for KTDF!!!

To those of you unfamiliar with Runemagick; a dark death metal band from Sweden, formed in the early 90’s. The band has been in hibernation since 2005 until now in 2018 when the runes got evoked from a long abysmal sleep!

Started in late 1990 with mid-tempo death/doom/black kind of metal style inspired by old death and black metal bands like Celtic Frost, Bathory, Autopsy, Hellhammer, Tiamat… First official lineup was Nicklas Rudolfsson (also in Heavydeath, The Funeral Orchestra and more bands/projects) and Robert Pehrsson (also in Death Breath, Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker and more bands/projects). The music has developed over the years as a result of many lineup changes, many recording sessions and releases.

With the album “Darkness Death Doom” (recorded 2002) and current line-up, Runemagick finally shaped an “own style” and forged the formulas of darkness, death and doom -metallic sounds, influenced by old death/black metal roots mixed with mid/slow heavy groove and apocalyptic soundscapes.

The lineup has been stable since fall of 2002 with Nicklas Rudolfsson – guitars & voice, Emma Rudolfsson – bass and Daniel Moilanen (also in Heavydeath and Katatonia) on drums. Enter the realm of darkness, death and doom…

Listen to “Enter the Realm of Death”;

Announcement #31: first European show ever of DERKÉTA (us)!!!

Tonight we have a very special treat for you that we have been saving to the very end. Its a band we have been trying to get over for the past many years and this year we finally managed! The band we are about to announce has been around since 1988 and up until now never played in Europe. We are extremely proud to announce that Pittsburg-based DERKÉTA will be performing this years “Gloomy Sunday!!!

Pittsburgh’s Derkéta is a doom influenced four-piece widely acknowledged as the first all female death metal band. The name Derkéta comes from Stygian Mythology; she was the goddess of death of a blood drinking cult.

Formed in 1988 by Sharon Bascovsky (vocals & guitars) and Terri Heggen (drums), Derkéta spent the past two decades in varying degrees of activity, having released several demos throughout the years. In 2009 Mary Bielich (guitar) & Robin Mazen (bass) joined the lineup and began working on what would become their first full length album, “In Death We Meet”, released in May 2012. Reviews for “In Death We Meet” were extremely positive and it subsequently made several Top 10 lists for Best Metal Release of the year around the world. Soon after completing the recording Terri decided to leave Derkéta to pursue other interests, so Mike Laughlin (ex-Creation is Crucifixion and Cattle Decapitation) was recruited to replace Terri on drums.

Currently, with its first stable lineup, Derkéta is now able to play shows in addition to planning future recordings. In January 2014, Derkéta recorded two songs for Pittsburgh’s Mind Cure Records released as a 7” EP May 2014. Derkéta is also in the process of writing their next full length recording as well as booking shows. However, with all the current activity rest assured there are no musical changes from the early days of Derkéta as they feel bound to stay true to themselves and no one else. Derkéta’s musical beliefs are cemented in the spirit of death metal’s early years and as such will never be a slave to trends.

Listen to “In Death We Meet”:

Announcement #30: UNDERGANG (DK)!!

If there is such a thing as to be a KTDF house-band it is sure to be the Kill-Town Death Militia band we are about to announce… Though already having played several times at the festival in the past, we find it fitting to once again showcase where this band is now as they are currently stronger than ever! Its with great pleasure that we present to you the band behind reviving Danish underground death metal and putting Denmark back on the map internationally – the one and only UNDERGANG!

Formed in 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Undergang has set out to have explored and accomplished a lot in their now 10 year life span. Having released 4 full length albums, a solid list of smaller releases in the form of splits, EP’s and various promotional tapes, the band has also toured big parts of the world and shared a take on death metal with their own slimy, gruesome, low-tuned death metal sewage. Having last year included a second guitarist in their line-up, one can expect an even heavier and massive life performance than earlier experienced at KTDF in the past, when Undergang celebrates their 10th anniversary in Pumpehuset with all of us in September 2018!

Check for yourself here, when Undergang played lived in the studio on Danish Television in December 2017:

KTDF VI sold out!!!




Announcement #29: first Euro show of ASCENDED DEAD (us) ever!

Tonight we are excited to present another fairly young US DM band that also has never performed on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. After their first demo they got picked up by Dark Descent Records and last year released their debut full length which was well recieved all over the board. Therefore we are thrilled to announce that ASCENDED DEAD will play their first ever European show at KTDF 2018!!!

Ascended Dead is a Death Metal band formed San Diego, California in the summer of 2011.  Influenced by the likes of Possessed, Necrovore, and Hellhammer, the band put out its first demo in 2012.  After a number of performances, in 2014 the band released the 4-song 7” EP “Arcane Malevolence”, which showed a musical growth.  In 2017, the band put out its first full length, “Abhorrent Manifestation”, 10 tracks of demonic ferocity on Dark Descent Records.  Treading forth into 2018, Ascended Dead continues forth with a new line-up and new songs that are more violent than ever.

Ascended Dead can be described musically as taking the sonic and spastic insanity of Immolation and Incantation and injecting it with a strong dose of cavernous war metal. Ascended Dead’s style is an unholy mixture of speed, technicality, and the desire to inject as many riffs per minute as inhumanely possible. The songs feel like speeding, runaway trains flying by at ungodly speeds, though instead of feeling disorienting, the band’s technical skill and savagery translates to thrilling tunes that necessitate further spins to unravel.

Liste to “Inexorable Death”

Announcement #28: debut show of HYPERDONTIA (TR/DK)!

Some things come out of friendship and the project we are about to announce is something that has formed during past editions of KTDF and later on turned into a recording project. While never having been in the same room the band has recorded the different elements in Turkey and Denmark and released a 7” with their combined efforts. We are excited to announce that HYPERDONTIA will play their debut show at KTDF 2018!

Hyperdontia is a Turkish/Danish project with members of Burial Invocation, Engulfed, Undergang and Phrenelith. Combined Hyperdontia shows a face of their own with a slightly different breed of death metal than shown in their other bands. The band came into being when Mustafa (guitars) and Malik (bass) asked David (vocals) to help doing vocals for some songs that Mustafa was doing on his own on the side of his other bands and instead of having a drum machine for rhythm section Tuna (drums) was asked to help out. Recording guitars and bass in Istanbul and drums and vocals in Copenhagen, their debut release “Abhorrence Veil” was finished in 2016 and finally released on 7” and MC in 2017 and got well received in the metal underground. A debut album is currently being recorded and will be released sometime in 2018. So join this September’s celebration of death metal and check out what this Turkish/Danish collaboration has to offer.

Forget about showers today and get wrapped in the “Abhorrence Veil”:

Announcement #27: SEMPTERNAL DUSK (us) for the first time ever in Europe!

Tonight we have another “first time in Europe band” coming your way… This time we are bringing you a band that will crush your last day at KTDF on the “Gloomy Sunday”. The band we are about to announce are as heavy, downtuned and primitive as it gets and features members of prominent bands such as of Weregoat, Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Anhedonist and Nighfell. We are very excited to present to you, all the way from Portland, Oregon, the mighty SEMPTERNAL DUSK!!!

Formed in 2011 by JH and TC after the demise of thier previous band, The Warwolves. ‘Demo MMXII’ was recorded as a two-piece and released in 2012, catching the attention of Dark Descent Records. In 2013 AW and TG joined on guitar and bass to flesh out the line-up for live performances and to begin writing a full length. Debuting this lineup at the Dark Descent Records showcase in Portland the same year.
2014 saw the release of the self-titled full length via Dark Descent Records followed by a string of live performances up and down the West Coast with Larvae.

In 2015 guitarist AW left and was replaced by VB formerly of Anhedonist. The band then began working on new material for a string of splits and eps to be released the next year as well as playing Covenant Fest II in Vancouver B.C., a string of dates with Spectral Voice and Blood Incantation and the ‘Darkness over the West’ tour supporting Mgla and Weregoat.

In 2017 split releases with Encoffination and Bloody Master manifested the first recordings of the current line-up. Sempiternal Dusk is currently headed into Autopsy Room studios in February to record their second full length to be released on Dark Descent Records in late 2018. They have shared the stage with a number of ungodly bands over the last few years including Incantation, Asphyx, Demilich, Mgla, Funebrarum, Hooded Menace and Revenge.

Listen to “Upon the Gallows of Perihelion” from the 2014 ST full length;

Announcement #26: MORTIFERUM (us) for the first time ever in Europe!

Like flies on a festering corpse, we once again cover the line-up for KTDF 2018 with another young US death metal band and this time we’re dripping in excitement to announce the crawling heavy death metal band MORTIFERUM for the first time ever in Europe!

Hailing from Olympia WA, Mortiferum was formed by Max Bowman (guitars, vocals), Chase Slaker (guitars), and Alex Mody (drums, vocals). Their various bands (Bone Sickness, Ēōs) had played shows together regularly in the local scene as the members shared a mutual interest in Finnish and American death metal, and had a similar vision for the music they wanted to play. In 2016, after several failed attempts to get a band going, the members got together and wrote the songs that became the first demo “Altar of Decay”. They enlisted the help of Dan Fried (Triumvir Foul, Anhedonist) to fill in on bass, and recorded “Altar of Decay” in Mody’s garage. Tracking guitars and drums live in their own space, with part-time keyboard player Ethan Camp as the engineer, Mortiferum were able to capture the songs in their most visceral form. The demo was released by the band themselves and furthermore assisted by an LP release from Profound Lore Records and on cassette by Graceless Records in the US and Extremely Rotten Productions in Europe. During the band’s short existence, Mortiferum have already had the privilege of playing with such luminaries as Asphyx, Phrenelith,  Blood Incantation, Qrixkuor, Triumvir Foul, and many more. The band have recently announced the addition of full-time bassist, Tony Wolfe and are currently on an 18 date West Coast tour with the also KTDF relevant band Fetid from Seattle.

Mortiferum is currently writing their debut full-length to be released on Profound Lore in the impending future.

Mortiferum will perform during the “Gloomy Sunday” on KTDF and lead us all into the “Blood Chasm”:

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