Killtown Death Fest

Announcement #32: First ever performance and official live recording of ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS (us)!!!

Tonight we have the distinct honor of presenting to you something special – something that has never happened before. This is what this festival is truly about; presenting live moments of bands from around the globe that you wont be able to see anywhere else. This is one for all you extreme nerds that search the deep corners of Metal Archives to find the obscure side projects of your favorite artists. The band we are about to announce have never performed live and have never done a real recording or release despite lurking in the dark for well  over a decade. Comprised by people from the Denver underground scene, we are extremely proud to present the first ever performance and official live recording of ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS!!!

The tentacles of ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS reach deep into the mists of the extreme doom underground…

Lurking beneath the slime of the cult Oregonian bands MÜNN and MERKSTAVE, guitarist/vocalist Paul Riedl began writing for a new funeral doom project in the Winter of 2007. When MÜNN vocalist/bassist Joris Brinkerhoff passed away in September 2009, Riedl was left with the unreleased 30-minute sequel to their infamous “Selbstmordwald Pt. One” rehearsal demo, which had achieved notoriety in some circles for its extremely slow riffs, bleak atmosphere, and miserable, tortured vocals.

Relocating to Colorado in 2011, Riedl met guitarist Isaac Faulk from STOIC DISSENTION, an equally dismal and despondent black/doom band. They set out to create a new project together, playing ancient, monolithic and vast funeral doom that would leave its mark on the underground. Under a new moniker, ABYSMAL  DIMENSIONS, and rechristening the unreleased “Selbstmordwald Pt. Two” as “Of the Welkin & the Dismal Abyss”, the lost song was finally given new life. At the end of 2018, the duo enlisted the help of bandmates Eli Wendler from SPECTRAL VOICE and Erika Osterhout from SCOLEX to begin rehearsing for the release of their first official recording and simultaneuous debut performance at the legendary KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST VII: THE DECOMPOMORPHOSIS this September 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Over a decade in the making, this will be a performance not to be missed…

Check out the KTDF promo clip of Abysmal Dimensions here:

Announcement #31: First ever European performance of PHOBOCOSM (can)!!!

Tonight we turn our focus back towards Canada and again this time to the Montreal scene where a great band signed to Dark Descent Records dwells. Despite being around for more than 10 years, they have still never made it across to Europe. Therefor we are very excited to present the very first ever European performance of the amazing, dark death metal entity known as PHOBOCOSM!!!

Phobocosm was founded in 2008 with the intent of writing the darkest, most uncompromising death metal possible. The founding members agreed on one thing when they formed the band: its sound was going to be a mix between different styles of dark and extreme music, but its roots would have to remain firmly planted in the “dark death metal” style with an old-school approach while incorporating a lot of elements from other styles of music such as doom metal, black metal and ambient. Phobocosm’s music is comprised of a mix of slow, mid-paced and fast parts with a strong focus on writing the darkest riffs possible in the realm of death metal while never sacrificing the song itself in doing so. The band’s inspiration both musically and lyrically is pure darkness, hopelessness, suffering and knowing that things just won’t be fine. Both of their albums are basically soundtracks to the apocalypse, or at the very least their interpretation of what the apocalypse will sound like. There simply cannot be any light in the band’s music. Having played concerts all over North America in the last few years to support “Deprived” (2014) and “Bringer of Drought” (2016), Phobocosm is now ready to finally take its brand of death metal to European soil. Their third album should be released sometime in 2019.

Check out Phobocosm here:

Announcement #30: Lucifericon (nl) to play KDF VII!!!

Tonight we have the pleasure of presenting a Dutch band that has been on our radar for years. Their epic debut full-length that came out last year ended up among our favorite releases of last year. 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of this great death metal band who features some old faces  of the Dutch death metal scene. We are therefor excited to announce that  LUCIFERICON will play KTDF VII!!!

Lucifericon are a study in patience and poise. Founded in 2009, it wasn’t until 2012 when the band’s first public recording, “The Occult Waters” EP, reared its shadowy head. Although “The Occult Waters” was the band’s debut, the seemingly “new” Lucifericon was actually comprised of a number of metal scene veterans, its members having done time as Destroyer 666, Pentacle, Malicious Dream, and Excision among others. Naturally, at this stage, the quartet deeply understood the Metal of Death and proceeded to offer a unique, more atmospheric twist on it. Four years later followed another EP, “Brimstone Altar”, to further critical acclaim. Here, Lucifericon’s death metal was blackened to a crisp, its robust recording allowing every evil nuance to spill from the soundfield and further bewitch the eardrums.

With that envious foundation judiciously set, at last arrives Lucifericon’s first full-length recording, “Al-Khem-Me”. Tongue-twistingly titled but aptly so, “Al-Khem-Me” keeps apace with the developments of “Brimstone Altar” and further masters the art of the “patient payoff.” Its blackened DEATH literally explodes from the very first seconds, but the band’s songwriting builds detail upon subtle detail despite the obvious aggression employed. Utterly gnarled and gnarling, the lurch ‘n’ lunge across “Al-Khem-Me” creates a bewilderingly slipstreaming effect, dragging the listener into a distant, nameless vortex, but always with a keen knack for memorability. For above all, this is METAL, unbending and unyielding, forged in fire and wielded as a weapon; it just so happens that Lucifericon’s is one fully set on attack, its intensity steeped in the grand traditions of late ’80s / early ’90s death. Al-Khem-Me heralds the grand arrival of Lucifericon!

Check out Lucifericon here:


Announcement #28: Israel’s HAR to play Byhaven stage!!!

Today we will turn our focus back to the Middle-East and once again dig up a rotten corpse of the Tel-Avivian underground metal scene. Though initially dubbed as a black metal band, the band we are about to announce has over time and especially with its 2018 EP released through Blood Harvest Records, moved more into the realms of obscure, dark and chaotic death metal. We are therefor excited to announce that Israel´s HAR, will be performing our ByHaven stage during KTDF!!!

Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Har was formed in 2014 as a 4-piece band by members aligned with bands such as Tamut Amen, Kever, Venomous Skeleton and Mortuus Umbra. Initially the intention was playing a form of raw black metal, a period which is summed up in their debut EP “BAAL HA-OV” which was release by Wolfsbane Records and Orgasmatron Records. Yet as time went on and with the addition of a second guitar player, the urge to express chaos and to delve into obscurity took the band in a path which resulted in “VISITATION”, the band’s second EP, released via Blood Harvest Records in early 2018. Following the release and a line-up change, replacing S.Pollak on guitar With T.Cohen (Mortuus Umbra, Kever), the band embarked in September 2018 on its first appearance outside Israel with a mini-tour through Germany and the Netherlands. The band is currently working on new songs for their next recording which will be a continuation and intensification of the path already taken towards frantic expressions of exalting chaos and obscurantism.

Check out Har here:

Announcement  #27: GHASTLY (fin)!!!

Today we will once again turn our focus back on the greatest death metal nation of Scandinavia; Finland. Despite being around since 2011, it wasn’t until last year’s release through 20 Buck Spin, that the band we are about to announce caught our attention. With an amazingly twisted psychedelic approach to death metal this release really hits a nerve and was definitely on our top 10 list of releases from last year. Therefor we are excited to present to you, the spaced out heavy sounds of GHASTLY!!!

Ghastly is a Finnish hallucinogenic death metal band from Tampere. They started out as a duo, but slowly been raising it’s ugly presence on stages as a full band. The self-released demo tape “Death is Present” came out straight after the forming of the band in late 2011. Same approach continued on the next offering, a 7” titled “Serpentine Union / The Divine Fire” (Demonhood Productions, NO, 2013), but on the debut full length, “Carrion of Time” (Me Saco Un Ojo Records, UK, 2015) the band had more psychedelic vibes and hooks to offer. After a few years of calmness, the time was right to unleash another psychedelia infused & otherworldly full length album that goes by the name “Death Velour” (20 Buck Spin, USA, 2018).

A five year live hiatus were broken in September 2018, to support the mighty Anatomia, among others. Blending the early 90’s Finnish death metal into an eerie world of horror movies, accompanied with psychedelic sound and chaos. That’s what Ghastly is all about.

Check out Ghastly here:

Announcement #26: Chaotian (dk) to play Byhaven stage during KTDF!!!

Today we have the pleasure of presenting one of the newest additions to the Killtown family of Copenhagen-based death metal bands. With only one demo to their name, they quickly gained attention from outside Denmark being added to the Extremely Rotten Production roster. 2019 will see them release more new material through both ERP and Me Saco Un Ojo. Therefor its with great pleasure that we can announce that CHAOTIAN will perform their first festival appearance on our outdoor stage in Byhaven!!!

Formed in the summer of 2017, Chaotian is the newest addition to the Extremely Rotten family hailing from Kill-town. The band started their sonic devastation with the well-received demo ‘Where Gods Excarnate’ recorded with the help of Tuna (Phrenelith, Hyperdontia, Sulphurous) that many have placed among the top demos of 2018. With inspirations from bands like Immolation, Demilich, Blood Incantation and Infester, Chaotian exists only to bring riff-heavy, god-crushing death metal of the old vein back to life. Armed with respect for chaotic and doomy death metal, Chaotian does not shy away from experimenting with their sound by combining elements of both extremes with strange dissonant melodies under a two-tongued approach to spewing forth apocalyptic prophecies and hellish imaginations. Currently, the trio is working on new material that will produce a new demo in the first half of 2019 aside from a planned demo compilation through Me Saco Un Ojo.

Check out Chaotian (dk) here: (live)

Announcement #25: first ever and exclusive one-off European performance of CHTHE’ILIST (can)!!!

We are sorry about the missing announcement yesterday. One too many margaritas might be to blame… Anywho today we are back with a  vengeance and have a strong announcement for you. Turning our focus back to Canada and this time to Montreal, we areexcited to be able to present the first ever and exclusive one-off European performance of CHTHE’ILIST!!!

French Canadian Death Metal band Chthe’ilist was founded in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist/bassist Phil Tougas (see also : Funebrarum, Zealotry, Atramentus, Eternity’s End, Cosmic Atrophy, etc) and drummer Philippe “Tyrant” Boucher. Originally formed under the moniker “Phantasmal”, Tougas instead opted to create a new word out of unusual phonetics to name his aberrant creation, because according to him, “the music of unspeakable horrors should not have a plain human word for a name”. The band recorded their first demo “Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth” in 2011, which was self-released in 2012 and re-released in 2013 by Graceless Recordings. The now sold-out and highly sought-after cassette made the band stick out like a sore (and rotten) thumb in the Montreal metal scene, helping them gain an extremely passionate fanbase overnight and playing various festivals and rare one-off gigs around the country.

Chthe’ilist signed with Profound Lore Records a few years later to release their debut album “Le Dernier Crépuscule” in 2016 and a 7″ EP titled “Passage Into The Xexanotth” in 2018, both causing an enormous stir in the underground. With its thick, otherworldly atmosphere and sickening sonic textures evoking images of abandoned medieval castles inhabited by indescribable, grotesque creatures, combined with dungeon-like, epic-doom tinged sections and shredding solos breaking up the continuous onslaught of eldritch, slime-drenched riffing, complemented with high-precision musicianship, Chthe’ilist’s music tell the tales of unspeakable horrors in an alternate timeline where mankind has fallen back into the medieval dark ages, living on the verge of extinction and in the constant dread of wrathful deities and the unknown entities that lurk in the shadows of ancient towers and spectral realms. From the disgusting, viscous throat-rattling sounds vomited forth by Phil Tougas, to the neoclassical guitar solo duels reminiscent of the Shrapnel Records guitar heroes of old, the outrageous tentacular slap-bass lines and their excentric mix of influences, the band’s sound showcases just the right amount of flashiness and eclecticism through an aura of bitterness, foreboding doom, decay and horror. Chthe’ilist is currently writing music for a 2nd album, with no intentions to rush it.

Check out Chthe’ilist (can) here:

Announcement #24: Ra Al Dee Experience to play “Gloomy Sunday”!!!

Today we have the honor of presenting a band that we have asked for years to come and play KTDF and it never happened until now. For all of you who have been sitting at home and listening to the oriental interludes on the Necros Christos albums, we have a treat for you – cause Mors Dalos Ra from Necros Christos will be joining us with percussionist Ben Ya Min Al Dee performing the songs of the mighty RA AL DEE EXPERIENCE as part of the “Gloomy Sunday” warm up!!!

Ra Al Dee Experience is performing acoustic oriental craftsmanship with strong mystical content in own compositions. Its name deriving from its two players: Ben Ya Min Al Dee – Percussion, Voice and M. Dalos Ra – Guitar, Saz, Voice.

Founded around 2007 in Berlin, Germany while recording the first demo in 2009, released by Ván Records officially. Heavily inspired by al`Oud players such as Munir Bashir and Rabih Abou-Khalil, the music in itself follows classical Persian and Indian motives with a strong portion of dark extravaganza and even obscure Jazz elements.Titles and themes of the compositions derive from Kabbalah mysticism and the vast secrets emerging by studying Torah.

A Mini Album was released by Ván Records in 2016, entitled Diatessaron.

Check out Ra Al Dee Experience here:

Announcement #23: Accoustic warm-up to “Gloomy Sunday” with The Dead Creed (gr)!!!

Today and tomorrow we are presenting something we have never tried before. We are branching out and taking things onto the unbeaten path… We have for years been toying with some ideas on how to expand the “Gloomy Sunday” concept and finally this year we have been able to make these ideas materialize. We want to make an opening afternoon on our outdoor stage with two acoustic acts, both fitting in vibe and atmosphere, but also directly connected to death metal. Therefor we would like to present to you the first of our two scheduled acts for the “Gloomy Sunday”warm-up; the great acoustic one-man death metal act; THE DEAD CREED!!!

The Dead Creed is a mesmerizing one of a kind music project. It was conceived during fall 2014 in a flooded catacomb under a chapel in the middle of nowhere at the Holy Mountain area of Northern Greece. The aim was to create acoustic Death Metal music that resembles to Orthodox Monastery mass. Catacomb Blues, a demo with the first two songs was recorded inside the cave using a mobile phone, capturing the essence of the Creed together with the monstrous reverb created by the cave and the water in it. It was uploaded for free download on bandcamp. Few months later, album material was recorded in a Professional Studio using cutting edge equipment to recreate the sound of the Catacomb. 22 Shows in Europe plus Japan were organized and performed alongside significant metal and non metal bands leaving a very strong impression to the attendees, musicians, organizers and venue owners due to the massive live sound, compositions and imposing performance. Today, the album of The Dead Creed is in the pressing plant, and actions are being taken to organize another series of appearances.

Distinctive sound, Fits no Genre, Can play along different styles of music, breathtaking performance of one person that sounds like a 3-4 piece band without the use of samples or pre-recorded parts. The Creed has proven to be able stand equally next to big bands; on small and big stages. Able to create an atmosphere by opening concerts and festivals, Can perform as an atmospheric interlude between bands, and also as an after headliner. Mystical, capturing, awe inspiring and minimalistic performance; powerful enough to impress the audience of a wide span of musical preferences and put them into a trance.

Check out The Dead Creed here: (live clip)

Announcement #22: DEAD VOID (dk) returning to KTDF!!!

Tonight we are presenting one of the few local Killtown bands performing this years fest. You may recognise DEAD VOID from last year’s lineup, when they kicked off our “Gloomy Sunday” on the outdoor stage. This year they will share their dark, twisted and fucking heavy death metal in suitably darker and more intimate indoor surroundings.

Eschewing trends and recklessly treading their own mysterious path, Dead Void takes you on an unpredictable journey into the murky depths of psychological terror; a slow, punishing descent may at any moment give way to a wild, unhinged assault. Firmly rooted in the more obscure classics, this is a band that appreciates dynamics and confidently plays things their own way without compromise.

Until now, the band has released only ‘The Looming Spectre’, a demo tape released at the start of 2018 just before they played at The Abyss Festival in Gothenburg. Since then the tape has sold out three times and been rereleased collaboratively by Dark Descent Records in the US and Me Saco Un Ojo Records in the UK. It also featured on several publications’ ‘Best of 2018’ lists, including Cvlt Nation and Your Last Rites.

Since the demo tape, Dead Void have been working on new material at a steady pace, with plans for a new MLP to be released in time for their performance at Kill-Town Death Fest 2019.

Check out Dead Void here:

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