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TCHORNOBOG (us) announced as replacement for Ra Al Dee Experience (de)

Unfortunately we also have to bring you some sad news as we have to announce a cancellation… Regrettably Ra Al Dee Experience has decided to cancel their performance at this year’s KTDF. We are very sorry about this, since we were very much looking forward to having them playing the “Gloomy Sunday”, but this is out of hands. The band has provided us with the following statement:
“Due to personal commitments, we’re sadly forced to cancel our appearance at Kill-Town Death Fest. We apologize to all and feel absolutely sorry for the bad news. Have a great time on one of the most supreme festivals, cheers to everyone involved and thanks a lot!”

Luckily we have found a replacement in Portland-based TCHORNOBOG! Tchornobog played their very first show in Europe at this year’s House of the Holy festival in Austria and will be on their very first European tour with Ignivomous (aus) based around performances at Morbid Catacombs Fest in Berlin, KTDF and Prophecy Fest in the Balve cave.

Tchornobog bursts into the metal underground with a crushing and sensory-overloading eclectic mixture of blackened death metal with doom and progressive elements.

Due to the programming of Ra Al Dee Experience, Tchornobog will be playing the “Gloomy Sunday”, Sunday September 8th. Expect a mind-bending experience when they hit the main stage at 17.00!

Check out the bands full-length “Tchornobog” from 2017 here:

Final announcement: the KTDF VII ”The Decompomorphosis” line-up poster!!!

41 days and 40 announcements later we are extremely proud to finally present the KTDF VII ”The Decompomorphosis” line-up poster!!! Artwork by David “Torturdød” Mikkelsen and graphic design by Janina Reinhard!

Thanks for all your patience, support and positive feedback! We will give you some peace now and hold the spamming for a while… Meanwhile please go check out the bands and if you like what you hear, support them by buying their merch and records. You can check out all the bands and read their bio’s and find links to Bandcamp etc on our website under “BANDS”. You can also check out the Kill-Town Death Fest 2019 playlist made by Andries Vrijburg on Spotify.

For now we will leave you with the complete line-up in alphabetical order:
-ABHORRENCE (fin) -first performance outside Finland since 1990!
-ABYSMAL DIMENSIONS (us) -debut performance! European one-off exclusive!
-ADVERSARIAL (can) -exclusive one-off European 2019 gig!
-ANATOMIA (jp) – exclusive one-off European 2019 gig!
-ANTEDILUVIAN (can) -European one-off!
-BLACK CURSE (us) -first European performance ever!
-CHTHE’ILIST (can) -first European performance ever! One-off exclusive!
-DRUID LORD (us) -first European performance ever! One-off exclusive!
-FUNERAL MOTH (jp) -first European performance ever! One-off exclusive!
-GHASTLY (fin)
-GRAVE (swe) -old-school set of demo tracks and songs from “Into the Grave”!
-HAR (il)
-IGNIVOMOUS (aus) -first European performance in 10 years
-KEVER (il) -first European performance ever!
-MITOCHONDRION (can) -European mainland one-off!
-MORTUOUS (us) -first European performance ever!
-NECROVATION (swe) -first show since 2014!
-PHOBOCOSM (can) -first European performance ever!
-PROFETUS (fin) -debuting their forthcoming album “The Sadness of Time Passing” in its entirety!
-SUFFERING HOUR (us) -first European performance ever!
-SUPERSTITION (us) -first European performance ever!
-TAPHOS (dk)
-TOMB MOLD (can) 
-first European performance ever!
-TRANSGRESSOR (jp) -first European performance ever!
-VASTUM (us) -exclusive 2019 European one-off!

//KTDF Crew

Announcement #40: GRAVE (swe) performing an old-school set of demo tracks and songs from “Into the Grave” Thursday 5th September!!!

Tonight we are presenting the final band of the KTDF VII line-up and we have been saving a classic for last. Despite KTDF isn’t about headliners or big bands, we would still like to give homage to the first generation of death metal – the pioneers that started it all a long long time ago. The band we are about to announce has been one of the most defining bands within the Scandinavian scene of the late 80´ies and early 90´ies and performed a crushing set back in February 1993 supporting Bolt Thrower on the very same stage as they will be performing on again during KTDF. A circle will be completed. It’s with the greatest honour that we can present that the mighty GRAVE will be performing an old-school set of demo tracks and songs from “Into the Grave” Thursday 5th September!!!

One of the longest-running Swedish death metal bands, GRAVE has created a sound and style which has been an inspiration on a number of the genre’s more promising younger outfits. Having started out as a band called Corpse in 1986, they released 3 official demos before their legendary 1991 debut. “Into the Grave”, established GRAVE as one of death metal’s most brutal new hopes, and its release was ensued by a host of live performances across Europe and America.

Grave has released 11 full-length albums plus numerous EP´s, live albums, splits, box sets and compilations in the course of its 31 year existence.

Grave is currently signed to Century Media Records and the last release was “Out of Respect for the Dead” from 2015.

Check out Grave here:

Announcement #39: The mighty Funebrarum (us) returns to KTDF!!!

We are getting close to the end of the x-mas calendar of death. Tonight we are excited to present to you one of our last headliners who are celebrating 20 years of death metal this year! This performance will be the band’s first appearance in Europe since their last tour in 2017 and at Kill-Town since 2011. We are honoured to announce that New Jersey’s dark death metal stalwarts FUNEBRARUM will return to Kill-Town Death Fest after eight years!

Funebrarum re-emerges from the darkest depths to unleash their offering of morbid and heavy Death Metal.  Still dedicated to the late 80’s / early 90’s underground Death Metal scene, the initial drive and motivation for the band remains.  DEATH METAL – the old way!!

Formed in 1999 in Clifton, New Jersey by vocalist Daryl Kahan and guitarist Nick Orlando along with drummer Dario Derna (Infester). This original line up recorded the band’s first demo cassette entitled “Triumphant Ascent”, released in 2000. A tape that was well received worldwide.

Joined shortly thereafter by bassist David Wagner and drummer Brian Jimenez they recorded their debut full-length album entitled “Beneath The Columns of Abandoned Gods”, recorded in 2000, released in 2001. This release cemented the band’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with. During this time the band played many brutal and intense shows in the NY/ NJ area with bands like Mortician, Evoken, Crucifier, Nunslaughter, Mayhem, Dead Infection among many others.

A 7″ EP entitled “Dormant Hallucination was released in 2003, a split CD / LP with Sweden’s Interment in 2007 and second full-length album entitled “The Sleep of Morbid Dreams” was released in 2009.  With the “Morbid Dreams” line-up including Alex Books (Goreaphobia / Immolation) the band embarked on a successful tour of Europe with Denmark’s Undergang in 2012.

After an extensive period of inactivity several members departed the band to focus on their careers, families or other musical projects. In 2015, Daryl decided to reform the band with new blood including guitarist Samuel Osborne, drummer Charlie Koryn (Ascended Dead), bassist Kyle Winslow and guitarist Yuri Kahan (no relation).  With this line-up the band wrote and recorded three new songs (and re-recorded one old unreleased demo song) over the course of three days. This demo recording entitled “Exhumation of the Ancient Dead” was released in 2016 on CD / LP on (Doomentia / Morbid Wrath Records) and was sold on the band’s European tour with Interment (Sweden) 2016.

An upcoming new album is in progress on Pulverized Records coming later in 2019 and also a tour of Mexico is planned with Denial (Mex) in March!!


Check out Funebrarum here:

Announcement #38: European mainland exclusive one-off for MITOCHONDRION (can)!!!

Tonight we will take one last look towards Canada and it’s flannel clad, maple syrup drenched, CVLT as fuck underground scene. The band we are about to announce doesn’t play much live, so it’s a rare occasion to see them live. In fact this will just be one out of two European performances this year and the only one in mainland Europe. The band is comprised by some of our favourite death metal die-hards, who works hard promoting underground death metal through the Covenant Collective, which is behind the Covenant Festivals, magazine and label. Without further ado we are extremely excited to present to you that the mighty MITOCHONDRION will return to KTDF!!!

Since 2003, Mitochondrion has been wallowing through the mire of putrefaction, harnessing each horrific stage of a grander alchemical working to craft a singular and bizarre death metal sound. Forged in Victoria BC in the long shadow of Ross Bay Cemetery, the band initially gained global attention through the 100% DIY release of the debut album “Archaeaeon” in 2008. The ambitious record borrowed its way into the minds of the unsuspecting and gathered a devout cult following. A pact was sealed with fellow countryman Profound Lore Records to release the truly awful and ruinous “Parasignosis” in early 2011. This record refined Mitochondrion’s terrifying sound into a dense and filthy display uniting harnessed chaos and impenetrable darkness. The wake of this release saw Mitochondrion playing throughout the USA and Europe including the infamous Rites of Darkness III, the final Chaos in Tejas, Dark Descent Fest in Portland, Kill-Town Death Fest, Incubate Festival, Maryland Deathfest, a European tour with Ritual Necromancy, and an American tour with Phobocosm. Within this time, long time comrade Dark Descent Records also unveiled the “Archaeaeon” re-release on DLP, “Antinumerology” 7″, and the “In Cronian Hour” 7″ split with Auroch. After 2016 the band slammed the door shut on public activity, vowing to not return until a new, highly demanded record was (at least nearly) complete.

In November 2017 Mitochondrion started tracking the next grand opus of twisted death metal mayhem. Currently in progress, over a year in the works, and already eclipsing everything previously written, the details of this manifestation will be made public when the time is right. In the meantime, the band will play this new material across the planet at various festivals throughout 2019. Mitochondrion hasn’t played in Europe in nearly 5 years and eagerly awaits the mayhem!

Check out Mitochondrion here:

Anouncement #37: first show since 2014 for Swedens NECROVATION!!!

Now we are down to the last 4 announcements and we have been saving some nice treats for the end. Today we are excited to present the first show since 2014 of a great Swedish entity. Back then they supported Morbid Angel, but since then been more dormant than some Lovecraft creatures. Now they are back and with a fourth member to make the line up even stronger. We are excited to present to you the “come back” show for Swedens’s NECROVATION!!!

Necrovation released their debut album in 2008 via Blood Harvest Records after building on some demo and 7” singles-success. What seemed to be a straight forward Death Metal business surprised the scene with 2012’s self titled album. Necrovation have paths laid out in more than one direction and isn’t an easy band to describe mainly because of the many years in service has offered so few products to observe – you simply don’t know what to expect from a Necrovation release or live appearance (which seems to be entirely amusing for these Swedes). The bands line up is steady and consists of the same individuals that recorded their debut album in 2006.

Check ot Necrovation here:

Announcement #36: one-off exclusive European show for ANATOMIA!!!

Today we have the pleasure of welcoming back a Japanese band that has already played KTDF 2 times prior. They were one of the reasons we started this fest, so we could invite them over all the way from Tokyo. Still a 3-piece entity, but now with a new line-up and new material in the works, we feel it’s time for them to once again perform our “Gloomy Sunday”. Please welcome back one of the best doom death bands around; the great ANATOMIA!!!

Anatomia was formed in 2002 when Takashi (Drums/Vocals), Jun (Bass), and Yoshio (Guitars) renamed and started anew their former band Transgressor. Later in 2003, they recorded self-titled 4-track demo, which caught the attention of the US label Necroharmonic, and the year 2005 saw the release of their first full-length album Dissected Humanity. Amid the trend of ultra-fast brutal death in the scene back then, the response was quite satisfactory, and they started to get a number of offers for split releases, and so far they released 14 splits in all with bands from around the world. In late 2011, they parted ways with Yoshio after performing at Rites of Darkness Fest in San Antonio. Shortly after that Yukiyasu (Guitars) joined to fill the position. Around that time, Jun and Takashi worked together and reentered the studio to record the second full-length album Decaying in Obscurity, which was later released by NWN! Production in 2012. The band have played shows outside Japan several times so far, with their first time at Kill-Town Death Fest in 2010, followed by a show in the US in 2012, a week-long tour in Europe with Undergang in 2013, and some more countries such as India, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. In November 2017, they firmly established their style of dismal slow death metal as they describe themself by releasing the third full-length album Cranial Obsession, which was again released by NWN! Production. Obsessively dark and slow horror ambient doom. In December 2018, Yukiyasu left the band due to personal reasons, but soon they found a session guitarist Makoto who plays in the Japanese funeral doom band Funeral Moth. This performance at Kill-Town Death Fest will be their first time for them with this new line-up, and the new materials are in the works as well.

Check out Anatomia here:

Announcement #35: Assumption (it)!!!

Tonight we are turning our focus towards south Europe – actually almost as south as you can get – Sicily, Italy. The band we are about to announce has been flying under our radar for quite many years until the band´s debut album came out last year to much international praise. They play doom/death the way it was laid out by the old masters of the craft, so its with great pleasure we can announce that ASSUMPTION will be playing “Gloomy Sunday” at KTDF this year!!!

Assumption was created in Palermo, Italy, in 2011 by Giorgio and David of Haemophagus and formerly of Undead Creep, Morbo ecc. to worship the altar of doom death metal.
Initially started as a studio-project, Assumption have nonetheless managed to set up a live line-up throughout the years, sharing stages with bands such as Esoteric, Demilich, Sub Rosa and so on. The band’s current live line-up is completed by Claudio Troise (Gravesite, Ancient Cult, Bland Vargar ecc.) on bass and Matija Dolinar (Teleport, Escarnium) on lead guitar.
Their latest album “Absconditus” stands as the sonic proof of Assumption’s psychedelic approach to doom death metal, where visionary, Floyd-esque sections are combined with extremely heavy, downtempo riffs in the vein of pioneers like diSEMBOWELMENT, Winter, Sorrow, Evoken or early Paradise Lost.

Check out Assumption here:

Announcement #34: presenting the first ever European performance of BLACK CURSE (us)!!!

Tonight we have another Colorado treat for you guys. It’s a new project formed by veterans of the Denver scene, so despite the lack of available audio, we still decided to take a chance and present this new band to the Killtown crowd. If you are into raw, distorted, obscure punky death metal – this will be right up your alley. Without further ado, we are excited to present the first ever European performance of BLACK CURSE!!!

Formed in 2015, Black Curse is the focused will of four death-obsessed maniacs. Physically residing in Denver, Colorado, the band is comprised of various members of other cults responsible for the outside attention the city has gained in recent years. The band has grown slowly over the years, changing form several times.  A meticulous writing process, wrought with intention and focus, demands reflection. With this in mind they chose to let the material take shape over time, evolving into a fully realized vision of something powerful and succinct. Combining ripping, violent rhythms with razor sharp riffing and trancelike pulses, Black Curse creates true malevolence!

In January, Two Thousand Nineteen, the band sequestered themselves within Cave Evil, deep in the Rocky Mountains, and ensnared engineer Arthur Rizk to capture what will soon become their first full length album. That recording will manifest Autumn 2019. Until then, the band has chosen to keep the material close to its chest – only allowing a small window into the evil and madness that awaits through an unhinged, raw rehearsal. Wanting to ensure that every show is of a particular importance and atmosphere, live performances will be rare. Killtown Deathfest 2019 will serve as the debut performance of the album, start to finish.

Check out Black Curse here:

Announcement #33: presenting the very first and exclusive one-off European performance of FUNERAL MOTH (jp) as part of Gloomy Sunday!!!

Tonight we will go back to Japan to present to you a very special surprise that we are very excited to share with you. For the past 20 years Makoto Fujishima has through his label Weird Truth Productions been releasing and pioneering funeral doom from around the globe with a series of excellent releases from bands such as Profetus, Worship, Funeralium and Imindain to name a few. At the same time he was also working on his own project which he releases through his own label. Despite being around for 15 years already they have never played in Europe, so therefor its an extreme honor for us to be able to present the very first and exclusive one-off European performance of FUNERAL MOTH as part of Gloomy Sunday!!!

Funeral Moth was formed by Nobuyuki Sentou (ex-Coffins/ex-Psycho To Black), Makoto Fujishima (ex-deathchurch/nyarlathotep), and Junpei Ishimaru (Morquido) in Autumn 2005. Funeral Moth’s debut live was held on May 3rd 2006 and shared the stage with some international bands like StarGazer(Aus), Gallhammer, Intestine Baalism among others. In November 2006, they recorded their 1st demo at Noise Room Studio, at which Nobuyuki recorded many several artists such as Coffins, Psycho To Black etc. “The Moth Flying to the Funeral Sky” was released by Makoto’s own label Weird Truth Productions.

In the end of 2007, Junpei left the band, but was soon after replaced by Yuichiro Azegami (Brob). With this new line-up, they re-recorded 2 songs as a demo which was released as a CD EP in June 2008 – same time as they shared the stage with German doom cult band Worship in Tokyo.

In July 2010, they toured with Australian doom band Mournful Congregation. During this tour, Takafumi Matsubara (Retortion Terror/ex-Gridlink/ex-Mortalized) joined as a special guest. After the tour, they started to look for a permanent 2nd guitar player and finally in January 2012 Mayo Odium (Dogoh/ex-Ssorc/ex-Stabat Mater) joined.

In July 2013, Mayo Odium left the band and was replaced by Tomohiro Kanja (Realm(Negativeaidguerrilla Realm)/Discrete Corporality). In February 2014, their 1st album “Dense Fog” was released and they toured with Worship again.

In February 2015, they played in Taipei which was the first time for Funeral Moth to play outside Japan. In May, 2008 the self titled EP was released as 12″ vinyl by Chinese label Psychedelic Lotus Order and a 2x 12″ vinyl version of the Dense Fog album was released by Spanish Throne Records. In July, they played at Fearest Death Cult, which is the one of the biggest DIY extreme music festival held in Osaka. After that gig, Nobuyuki left the band to concentrate on other things. He was replaced by bass player Ryo Amamiya (ex-Juki) and they released their 2nd album “Transience” in March 2016 again from Weird Truth Productions.

Check out Funeral Moth here:

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