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Announcement #17 : NECROWRETCH (fr) returns to KTDF!

Tonight we have reached the halfway mark of the annoucements – 17 announced – 18 to go. We have also sold 2/3rds of the tickets meaning that there is only 200 tickets left for sale…

The band we are about to announce contacted us when we had just started organizing the first edition of the fest back in early 2010. Back then just a demo band, but we could hear the potential in their music and the burning passion behind this project so we decided to give them a shot. Now 8 years later, 3 full-lengths, 3 EP´s and 2 compilations down the road NECROWRETCH has come a long way and developed into one of the main contemporary French death metal bands and we are proud to have them back at KTDF VI!

Necrowretch was started in Valence, Rhône-Alpes in 2018 by guitarist Vlad with “the impure intention to play sadistic-gravecracking-possessed death metal”. After recording demos through Skeleton Plague Records, Aural Offerings Records, and releasing 2 EP’s through Detest Records, Necrowretch signed to Century Media Records in 2012, releasing 2 full length albums before signing to Seasons of Mist who released their latest album “Satanic Slavery” in 2017.

Inspired by Swedish extremists like Merciless, Nihilist or Marduk over to Finnish legends Impaled Nazarene or early US brutality like Death, it is Vlad’s rabid screams, the fast played, occasionally even melodic black metallic riffing that defines their trademark vicious and maniacal sound. While Necrowretch’s roots reach deep into the underground scene, a German debut show with Asphyx, a mini-tour with Morbus Chron, notable festival appearances at Kill-Town Death Fest 2010, the Fenriz curated Live Evil fest 2013, PartySan 2014, Necrowretch has gathered many new followers over the past years, no matter if they come from a death, black or thrash background. Developing constantly further, while remaining true to their original harsh and primitive sound, the trio is eager to expand its live activities and will hit the roads of Europe in September with Cemetery Urn from Australia.

Listen to “Satanic Slavery”;

Annoncement #16: CEMETERY URN (aus)!!!

Tonight we have the pleasure of presenting one of Australia’s most obscene death metal bands to Europe for the first time ever. With a 12 year long history behind them its finally time to unleash their wrath upon Europe. We are proud to present the first European performance ever of CEMETERY URN at KTDF 2018!!!

Formed in 2006 in Melbourne Australia, Cemetery Urn specializes in a vicious bestial form of Death Metal they’ve branded ‘Australian barbaric death metal’.  The band itself is deeply rooted and has a long history in Australian extreme metal with current members involved in bands such as Abominator, Ignivomous, Bestial Warlust, Belligerent Intent, to name a few. Currently signed to Hell’s Headbangers Records, the band has released 3 full-length albums to date – the latest one in 2017, a ten track nuclear warhead titled ‘Cemetery Urn’ and will be releasing a new full-length album in mid-2018.  The band has played numerous tours and festival performances across Asia and North America and in September/October 2018 they will hit Europe in support of both new releases.

Listen to “The Deepest of Graves” from their latest S/T album here;

Announcement #15: TORTURE RACK (us)!

Another day has passed and we now offer you more of the rising grotesquery that the current US death metal scene has to offer. This time it has come to the North West mutilating barbarians TORTURE RACK who will be performing their very first European gig ever at KTDF!

Torture Rack was formed in 2012 in Portland, Oregon, and released their debut demo “Medieval Mutilation” in 2013 through Headsplit Records, a debut release showcasing sheer brutality and violence over 4 songs full of crude memorable riffs and lots of headbang-encouraging grooves. 2015 saw the release of their debut album “Barbaric Persecution” offering more precise re-recordings of the killer songs from their demo and several new abominable intestine-twisting songs to their catalogue. Their death metal is soaked in the crudity and unmatched brutality found in a lot of the American East Coast bands from the early 90’ies perfectly wrapped in rough crunchy guitars, bowel liquefying bass, steam rolling drumming and gut puking low grunts all making Torture Rack the foul death metal creature it is.

The band has played many shows around their home in the North West and got invited over to play at the infamous Maryland Death Fest in 2017, truly delivering their caveman death metal putrescence from a bigger scale stage. Their second full length has recently been recorded and has been scheduled for a 2018 release, so it’s our dissolving pleasure to help promote that upcoming torturous death metal splatter platter by bringing them over to Europe for the first time and spew chunky gory metal at us from the stage in Pumpehuset!

Fear the Torture Rack, follow us and enter the “Chamber of Morbidity”:

Announcement #14: TAPHOS!

Tonight we are introducing you to the newest spawn of the Copenhagen death metal family. With just two demo tapes and an EP out this young outfit seems to already have a lot going for them. A full length has been recorded and will be released this spring by Blood Harvest Records, followed by a European tour with the mighty Degial. We are excited to present to you TAPHOS!

Taphos was spawned in 2015 with the purpose to create music that evokes desperation and hopelessness. Their music is rooted in death and draws inspirations from all darker aspects of life and life thereafter.

The first eruption took place in form of the demo MMXVI and an EP, named MMXVII, followed soon after. Same year Taphos entered Ballade Studios where enough chaos was captured to produce what will be their first full-length. An aftershock from this séance took place in form of the ‘Premonition’ tape.

Listen to “Impending Peril”:

Announcement #13: first ever European live performance of Portland´s TRIUMVIR FOUL!!!

Tonight we have another North American band that has never performed live in Europe to announce. This Portland based chaotic bestial two-piece death metal outfit consists of 2 members of the celebrated cult act Ash Borer who are no strangers to performing live in Europe. We are proud and excited to present to you the first ever European performance of TRIUMVIR FOUL at KTDF 2018!!!

Triumvir Foul began in 2014 as a two-man project, focusing on the worship of death and destruction, which was matched by their ugly and depraved death metal sound. After several line-up- changes, Triumvir Foul’s return to their original two-man line-up has allowed them to create, a more focused and raw sound, fusing the atmospheres of both their 2015 eponymous album and 2014 debut An Oath of Blood and Fire demo.

Their music is an unrelentingly dense, filthy expanse of morbid Metal of Death bestiality, base and belligerent at the core and yet plumbing depths of the psyche that otherwise betray such a seemingly simple, on-the-surface assault.

Triumvir Foul delves into the perverse evolution of unhinged hedonism and carnal irreverence through the exploration of carnage in the spectral realm. Expanding beyond the themes of occultism and mythological allegories of the self-titled first album, the sophomore album Spiritual Bloodshed takes on a much more direct approach, clenching at the throat of one’s putrid desires.

Listen to “Spiritual Bloodshed”:

Announcement #12: REPTILIAN (no)!

Since the inception of KTDF we have been following the Norwegian scene that has brought us great bands like Execration and Obliteration. The band we are about to announce is following the path laid out by these said bands and, of course, granddaddies Cadaver. Through ancient Aztec mythology to transcending death mysticism, they leave no stone unturned on their way showing that there is a new breed of Norwegian death metal on the rise. Currently on tour in Europe laying venue after venue in ruins we are excited to present to you; REPTILIAN!

Formed in the remote corner of Fusa, Norway, Reptilian came gushing out like a stream of fresh blood onto the scene with its split 7″EP with fellow Death Thrashing warriors Inculter through Unborn Productions in 2012. After several concerts and festival appearances, they promptly established themselves as a band not to be reckoned with.

Reptilian‘s debut album Perennial Void Traverse from 2016 whipped forth a whirlwind of utterly twisted, fever-dreaming death metal and was well-received by the international metal community. Reptilian draws the listener into a void of ghastly contours that continually shapeshifts. Lumbering and lurking down-tempos instil an atmosphere of dread and impending doom, all before explosions of filth-banging thrash burst forth and hammer onward, only for the momentum to be up-ended by further lurking and creeping death, and a whole host of manoeuvres that defy easy comprehension: the tools at Reptilian‘s disposal are many, and with an enviously fluid sense of mastery, they weave together a rich, red-eyed tapestry of hysteria and unease. Reptilian execute their death metal magic with a tightness and confidence that are blanching to behold; chaos may threaten to creep in, but the band fully harness its powers and make it their servant.

Pay witness to a new beginning and step deep inside Reptilian‘s Perennial Void Traverse.

Listen to “Possessed by the Eyes of the Living God”:

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Announcement #11: SPECTRAL VOICE (US)!!!

Tonight we will continue with yet another announcement for the Gloomy Sunday. In our humble opinion this band released one of the best albums of 2017 and maybe one of the best doom/death / funeral doom albums of all time… We are stoked beyond the stars in the sky to announce that SPECTRAL VOICE will join us at KTDF 2018!!!

The Spectral Voice crawled out of the doomed abyss of Denver, Colorado (US) in late 2012 to play slow rotting death/doom from beyond the grave. Focusing on gloomy funeral atmosphere and the ancient death-metal feeling. Their early performances and rehearsal tapes were well received and word of their morbid aura quickly spread through the underground. January 2015 saw their first official release, the “Necrotic Doom” demo, which sold 300 copies before their first West Coast tour in March the same year. Eventually selling over 700 copies, the cassette was re-released in Europe through Iron Bonehead Productions (DE) and again on compact disc by Dark Descent Records (US). In September 2015 they released a split 7″ with Blood Incantation (US), and made their first East Coast appearance at Martyrdoom Festival IV in New York City. Following the success of their demo and 7″, the band played Covenant Festival II (CAN) in June 2016 and embarked on the massive “Melting Across America” tour with Undergang (DK) during July. By the end of the year they had played California Deathfest, Metal Threat Festival (both US) and released a split 7″ with Denmark’s Phrenelith, as well as vinyl repress of “Necrotic Doom“. In February 2017 the band recorded their debut album “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing”, which was released by Dark Descent Records in time for their first European tour in October 2017 with Blood Incantation. While the band’s recent splits hint at a faster, more traditional death metal style, the full length descends into crypts more dismal and necrotic than the demo, pushing their sound even deeper into funerary horror and despair…

Listen to “Visions of Psychic Dismemberment”:

Announcement #10: WORMRIDDEN (jp/dk)!!!

Tonight we have a special surprise for you… It´s one of those things that you might not ever get to see anywhere else, since this project consists of a guy from Japan and a guy from Denmark. Having only played one live show and that being in Tokyo, Japan, back in October 2014, KTDF is happy to present WORMRIDDEN for the first time live ever on European ground, when they make the floor shake during the Resurrection´s return of “Gloomy Sunday” this year!

Wormridden was formed during the aftermath of KTDF 2010 on a ferry from Denmark to Germany when Anatomia (jp) and Undergang (dk) played a few shows together following the first edition of the festival. Created with a combined love for the late 80’es/early 90’es Scandinavian heavy take on death metal, where the guitars were tuned as low as possible, drum beats were dragging slowly across moldy pavement only to explode in furious speed at surprising times and vocals so low and gurgling as humanly possible were the law, Wormridden aims at delivering equal disgusting chunk-loads of speaker liquefying death metal.

Join us, let your speakers dissolve while Wormridden is “Rotting Beyond Belief”:

Announcement #9: RIPPIKOULU (fin)!!!

Announcement #9: we are back with another announcement for the Gloomy Sunday where we once again turn towards the mighty land of lakes, forrests and snow. The band we are presenting for you tonight has a long history and legacy spanning all the way back to the early 90´ies. We bring you none other than RIPPIKOULU performing their legendary 2nd demo “Musta Seremonia” in its entirety!

Rippikoulu was formed in 1990 in Valkeakoski, Finland. Originally a punk/metal hybrid, but as a few band members changed they evolved into a metal band. Rippikoulu played music which is difficult to define mixing genres to their very own unique brand of slow punk fuelled death metal and were the first death metal band to sing in Finnish.

They released their first demo ”Mutaation Aiheuttama Ssäinen Mätäneminen” in 1992 follwed by the now classic demo Musta seremonia” demo in 1993. Both demos were distributed and sold worldwide.

When the band’s guitarist Marko Henriksson died in 1995, Rippikoulu was on hold for two years. Comeback attempts were made later but it wasn’t the same without Marko and therefore they ultimately split-up.

After re-releasing “Musta Seremonia” through Svart Records in 2010 the band decided to re-united is currently active again with their most memorable performance being Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Fest in 2015 and 2017.

Listen to “Kadonneet Jumalat”  here:

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