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Ridden with Disease

Ridden with Disease 2022

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ASTRIFEROUS (costa rica)
KRYPTS (fin)
SEPTAGE (dk/tr)
SNĚŤ (cz)

ACEPHALIX (us) – 20 Buck Spin


Known for its punishing and relentless live performances, Acephalix (definition: headless, with no leader) is a Bay Area Death Metal institution that spawned some of the most well-known underground Death Metal acts of the last decade.

The band began as the brainchild of vocalist Daniel Butler (Vastum, Draghkar) and guitarist Kyle House (Decrepisy, Rokkr) in the rat (rodent and human alike) infested depths of San Francisco’s Turk Street Studios. Soon after, 2nd vocalist Sara Gillespie, drummer Isaac Starr (Merdoso, Fatigue), bassist Miguel Maciel (Peligro Social, Merdoso) and guitarist Gabe Gavriloff (Depressor, Earthdogs) joined and the 6-headed crust mutant recorded its first two demos with Jeff “Jef Leppard” Davis, in 2007 and 2008 respectively.

Acephalix played its early live shows alongside the likes of Stormcrow, Eyehategod, Desolation, Crow, and others. The incarnation that included David Benson (Depressor) on drums and new transplant from Italy Luca Indrio (Necrot) on bass released their debut 7” (2009, Prank Records, Greg Wilkinson/Earhammer) and debut full-length, Aporia (2010, Prank, Jef Leppard) -- and furthered their aural/neural war campaign across the US (as the first band to tour with Denmark’s Undergang) and Europe.

After Gabe’s departure, the 4-piece version of Acephalix (Dan, Kyle, Luca, Dave) mowed forward into Death Metal infamy, releasing demos Interminable Night and Flesh Torn in Twilight (Deific Mourning, 2010, 2011, both recorded by Jef, later released as the compilation Interminable Night by Southern Lord Records) and sophomore LP Deathless Master (2012, Jef, So. Lord).

After a 3 year hiatus that saw the various members (with like-minded members of the Bay Area Death Metal scene) concoct the likes of Vastum, Necrot and Lawless, the rebirthed Acephalix released its latest record, Decreation (2017, Greg/Earhammer, 20 Buck Spin).

Acephalix enters the current timeframe with Adam Camara (Fiend, Ensepulcher) on guitar and Erika Osterhout (Scolex, Chthonic Deity, Painted Doll) on bass joining Dan and Dave.The new album, Theothanatology (20 Buck Spin), releases on September 30th, 2022. With Greg Wilkinson once again behind the decks, Theothanatology is the most vicious Acephalix release to date.

KTDF will mark the first European visit from Acephalix in 11 years.

"Acephalix’s simplicity is a deliberate choice, with Butler articulating it as “letting my body do my thinking for me.” It’s served them well, as Decreation has an immediate hook of classic death metal that offers a lot more than many traditionalists can muster." - Pitchfork

"Acephalix breathe life into fetid, sepulchral death with crust punk beats and chest-bursting rage." - Metal Injection

"In an endless cavalcade of tremendous death metal, Acephalix fits right in with the best." - Last Rites

ASCENDENCY (dk) - Night Shroud Records


Ascendency initially started out as solo project, formed by the strong desire to create dark and furious music. Here in a wail of enshroudment, concepts and ideas were slowly formed and refined over a number of years, until the enlistment of a competent drummer took place, taking the band to newer heights and gaining them prowess musically.

The bands sound can best be described as piercing guitars, playing triumphant and melodic riffs, tearing through an eternal battlefield, accompanied by visceral shrieking, and commanding vocals, bringing forth tales of fiery conquest and heralding a new dark era, together with a relentless bombardment of drums, that underlines the songs with pure rhythmic punishment and primitive force.

The band then recorded and made two promotional tapes, before the line-up was completed by the recruitment of a second guitar, and live activity was made possible. In May 2019, the band recorded their first MLP/MCD, which have since then gone through an extensive mixing and mastering process, in the pursuit of an impactful sound for their debut release. The record is finally ready to be sent to press, and will be out in time for their performance at Kill-Town Death Fest, where it can leave it’s burning mark upon the world.

ASPHYX (nl) – Century Media Records


Formed in the Netherlands in 1987, ASPHYX have always been one of death metal’s most ruthlessly idiosyncratic bands. With a sound that draws from the rawest of materials, they have skilfully blended fast ‘n’ furious extremity with some of the most claustrophobic, suppurating slow-motion doom ever committed to tape. Opening their impeccable account with 1991’s stone cold classic The Rack, ASPHYX have never wavered from their singular vision, delivering a series of legendary albums that have always been considerably heavier than everything else around.

After an extended hiatus begun at the dawn of the millennium, ASPHYX reunited in 2007 and demonstrated a newfound passion for the art of doom-laden death metal. With talismanic vocalist Martin van Drunen leading the charge, the Dutchmen have released a trio of universally acclaimed records – Death…The Brutal Way (2009), Deathhammer (2012) and Incoming Death (2016) – while further cementing their reputation as one of the most riotous and explosive bands in the metal underground. Coalescing around a stable line-up for the first time in many years, the ASPHYX of 2021 is a finely-honed and fired-up beast, ready to decimate the competition and bludgeon the rest of us with riff after gruesome riff.

Recorded during lockdown, the band’s tenth studio album Necroceros (January 2021) is manifestly heavier and more vicious than anything they have released before. Partly inspired by the horrors and frustrations of the pandemic era, Necroceros is also an outright celebration of ASPHYX’s genre-defining sound. The band’s current incarnation – Martin van Drunen, guitarist and chief songwriter Paul Baayens, bassist Alwin Zuur and drummer Stefan Hüskens – have clicked into a higher gear this time around, capitalising on a surfeit of free time to deliver their finest record yet.

ASTRIFEROUS (Costa Rica) - Me Saco Un Ojo Records/Pulverised Records


Conceived in early 2018 in San José, Costa Rica, Astriferous is a death metal entity reeking of the old school ways of the genre and executed by Jose Maria Arrea (drums), Jose Pablo Phillips (bass, vocals), Felipe Tencio (guitars, vocals) and Federico Gutierrez (guitars, vocals). Drawing influences from the genre’s giants Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Demigod, Convulse, Adramelech, Abhorrence, Seance, Crematory and Desultory; the band’s sole purpose is to create sick riffs and crushing songs to use as an offering to the altar of death metal.

In Early 2019, Astriferous released their crushing demo tape “Raise High the Scepter of Indulgence” in 2019 making pretty clear their intentions of creating brutally heavy and raw Death Metal. Come 2020, their follow-up EP “The Lower Levels of Sentience” was released to pick up where the demo left of and exploring further into the genre and committing more to deliver pummeling riffs after riffs. A split 7” with Bloodsoaked Necrovoid was in 2021. Astriferous is already on route to unleash their debut full-length album sometime 2022!

Raise High the Scepter of Indulgence (Desert Wastelands, 2019)
The Lower Levels of Sentience (Me Saco Un Ojo /Pulverised, 2020)
Astriferous/Bloodsoaked Necrovoid split (Seed of Doom, 2021)

“From the Finndeath inspired “Negative Hesychasm” to the demo-era Dawn-esque tremolo riffs and twisted Demigod-meets-Deicide rhythm of “Mind Bending Distortions” Astriferous sound tightly practiced and effective in their evocation of grimy old school death metal (...)these Costa Rican death metallers are on the right path with this abhorrent monstrosity of a first strike.” -Grizzly Butts

“These newcomers have a penchant for dynamic song compositions, riffs that drill deep into your brains, and plenty of good ol’ clobbering mockery of the mortal flesh. They don’t just play their songs. They attack you with them.” – Decibel Magazine

BLOODSOAKED NECROVOID (costa rica) – Iron Bonehead Productions


Bloodsoaked Necrovoid hails from San José, Costa Rica and currently consist of Jose Maria Arrea (Drums), Tomas Campos (Bass) and Federico Gutierrez (Guitars, Vocals). Since their festering inception in late 2017, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid sets out to create a slow and decaying death/doom full of suffering and anxious despair from the depths of a dismal and violent abyss, following in the footsteps of bands such as Incantation, diSEMBOWELMENT, Grave Upheaval, Rippikoulu, Eternal Darkness, Gorement and Winter.

Bloodsoaked Necrovoid have spew 2 demos tapes (Demo I & Demo II) in 2018, later issued as a compilation ‘The Apocryphal Paths of the Ancient 8th Vitriolic Transcendence’, and a split tape on 2019 with Ratlord. In 2020, Bloodsoaked Necrovoid released their disgusting and suffocating debut full-length on 2020 entitled ‘Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable’, continuing their procession towards utter darkness and doom. Later on, in 2021, a split 7” with Astriferous was released via Seed of Doom records.

Demo I ( Demo Tape, Caligari Records, 2018)
Demo II (Demo Tape, Caligari Records, 2018)
The Aprocryphal Paths Of The Ancient 8th Vitriolic Transcendance (Compilation, Iron Bonehead Productions/Caligari Records/Blood Harvest Records, 2019)
Bloodsoaked Necrovoid/Ratlord Split (Testimony Records, 2019)
Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable (Iron Bonehead, 2020)
Astriferous/Bloodsoaked Necrovoid split ( Seed of Doom, 2021)

“The band’s music is suffocatingly heavy, it features plenty of funereal atmospherics, and Bloodsoaked Necrovoid sound all in for summoning unfathomable beasts from beyond or below.”-Your Last Rites

“Doom erects the siphon and death the lubrication for the horror to begin and this doomed death ritual begins with otherworldly, nether-worldly soundscapes performed psychically through San Jose, Costa Rica cultic void worshipers Bloodsoaked Necrovoid. (…)The eruptive blur of Bloodsoaked Necrovoid‘s dimensional consciousness provides little warning as it strikes and coils repeatedly with death/doom metal riff and minds-eye shattering atmospheric depth.” -Grizzly Butts

A foul, toxic aroma emanates from the choking, miasma-like distortion of the riffs, which surrounds the senses like a thick, poisonous fog. With a huge low-end undercurrent that seems to suck the listener’s mind ever deeper into a bottomless cesspool, and ghastly roaring and gurgling vocals that seem to radiate from cavernous depths, the songs are the sounds of immense, lightless horrors. And the high, freakish leads manifest as the wailing of inhuman, unearthly entities for whom sanity is to be scorned. -No Clean Singing

Expelled into the Unknown Depths of the Unfathomable is a gateway into a way worse place than 2020, and sometimes that kind of voyage provides us with some much needed perspective. This is the ideal soundtrack to play as you are slowly devoured by maggots, if you’re in the market for that.3 It’s definitely one of the more gruesome listens I’ve had this year, and I mean that as a positive. A warning though: once you stare into this abyss, the abyss may do far worse than just stare back. – Angry Metal Guy.

BURIAL INVOCATION (tr) – Dark Descent Records


Burial Invocation was formed in Ankara, Turkey in with the intention of playing dark death metal. First release “Rituals of the Grotesque” was released in 2010 through Dark Descent Records, also being the first release of the label. A split 7” with Anatomia followed in 2011, after the debut live appearance in the first edition of Kill Town Deathfest in 2010. The band moved further, widening its sound into a more varied interpretation of death metal, and the album “Abiogenesis” was released in 2018. A Europe tour consisting of 18 dates followed, including NRW Deathfest and Porto Deathfest. “Abiogenesis” is a celebration of death metal in its various aspects, with lyrical concepts dealing with themes like the mystery of life and death, psychedelic experience, frailty of belief systems and the absurdity of the human condition, which underlie journey-like compositions distinguishing themselves from prosaic retro worship yet stay rooted in the glorious past of underground extreme metal.

Revıew Quotes:
“Phantasmagoric Transcendence” is a good way to describe the accomplishment. Using an ostensibly old-school approach to riffing, they cast aside expectations for song lengths and go deep, with harmonic structures expanding outward until riff patterns feel like a series of overlapping circles growing increasingly wide, making room for melody, rich chordwork, and sprawling atmospherics — but always with a hint of menace, darkness at the edge of every flickering light. When the dual harmonies descend around the seven-minute mark, I’m done for. Chills up the spine, haunted to the core, pulled right out of my body and into the aether. It’s a reminder that maybe there is something more to the world than just corporeal boredom, something you understood once but forgot, that school and work and biological imperatives and growing up to be trapped in the mundane isn’t the course we have to take, but a choice, and one we can wind back if we work at it.” Aaron Lariviere – www.stereogum.com

Burial Invocation‘s debut full-length is an epic, a four song 42 minute record that reigns in the ferocity of Gorguts ‘Erosion of Sanity’, the jagged semi-progressive tilt of Death‘s ‘Human’ and fuses them with a corrupted strain of Bolt Thrower-meets-Dead Congregation riffing into modern, mercilessly extensive death metal structures. The experience reads like a mildly progressive atmospheric death metal record; Yet ‘Abiogenesis’ thrives so heartily within it’s serpentine dips in and out of different classic stylistic influences that it might be easy to overlook it’s inherent ‘classically brutal’ ethos. www.grizzlybutts.com

Upon repeat listens, my admiration for this record has only increased, as its ferocious musical passages unveil themselves in new and extraordinary ways the more time you spend with them. Abiogenesis is an exceptional example of death metal done right, and another stark reminder of how powerful and mesmerizing this brand of music can be. Emphatically, wholeheartedly recommended. Jonathan Adams – www.heavyblogisheavy.com

CARCINOID (aus) – Blood Harvest, Headsplit, Memento Mori


Carcinoid is an odorous cacophony spewing forth from the reeking grave of Melbourne, Australia since 2018. Bludgeoning the listener into submission with a death metal dirge and slowly eating them away from the inside.

The band embodies raw crushing death/doom elements but also forging their sound by incorporating a lot of other stylistic sludge, punk and hardcore influences. Their sound is characterised by lofi guitars, distinct and prominent bass, guitar feedback, noise and deep, growling vocals.

Their odes to suffering and decay include their self-titled demo (Caligari), the critically acclaimed 'Metastatic Declination' LP (Headsplit, Blood Harvest, Memento Mori) and a split with Adelaide's purveyors of death Charnel Altar. (Headsplit, Seed of Doom).

They wear their influences on their sleeve - Napalm Death, Autopsy, Pungent Stench, Meth drinker, Brutal Truth, Obituary, Paradise Lost ect.

All of the recordings to date thus far have been recorded live to eight track tape to capture a raw, heavy old-school death metal sound. With themes in the vain of their name Carcinoid- a slowly deadly cancer that rots the insides of your body, as well as narratives detailing agony, desolation, pain and depression.

The band made their first international appearance in 2019 in Japan at Asakusa Deathfest and booked to play Killtown Deathfest in Copenhagen in September 2022.

This June they will embark on their first run of Australian Interstate tour dates, having only performed in Brisbane before.

Currently Carcinoid are working on a new EP to be released in 2022 and a new Album to follow in 2023. The new material will be channelling their old school, raw, crushing sound but progressing forward with layers of impending doom, more complexity and vast soundscapes reflective of their new lineup.



One of Washington State’s most tenebrous new death/doom bands, Cavurn was formed in 2017 from a shared desire to create music in the funereal style of bands such as Hell, Winter, and diSEMBOWELMENT, with a mix of old school Swedish/Finnish death metal. In October 2017 they released the “Rehearsal” tape on Blood Harvest Records. The 3-song demo tape received an impressive underground response, acclaimed for its vast, monolithic riffs, momentous structure, and bleak atmosphere. Cavurn has since made several devastating live appearances, supporting heavyweights Rippikoulu, Hyperdontia, Ascended Dead, and many more. Kill-Town Death Fest VIII will be the band’s first European appearance, where they will showcase their abysmal breed of death metal.

Review quotes:
"From doom metal comes the dripping lava flow of sparsely constructed riffs and the funereal ambience of each judgement day downstroke motion. More importantly, their death metal extends beyond their deep echoing growls, tremolo strumming, and blast beats but how they structure their tracks. While their tonal and harmonic choices are limited, riffs are arranged in contrasting segments of altering density and rhythmic activity, transitioning between ringing chords meant for immense weight and crunchier Bolt Thrower style mid-paced grinding, gradually altering the tension levels through layering grating guitar effects and ritualistic drum rolls." - Toiletovhell

"Cavurn decimate the world with this first rehearsal, trading massive volcanic power chords for faster tremolo picked rhythms fluently and effectively. Low growls alternate with reverb-laden shrieks in a very organic and satisfying way, and excellent songwriting keeps it from falling into a single boring moment." - B.W. for Decibel Magazine

"It’s not often a rehearsal demo receives much light outside of the darker corners of the metal underground. However, Washington’s death/doom act Cavurn have been creating quite a buzz with their 2017 rehearsal tape that finally received a proper label release this past May courtesy of Blood Harvest. Cavurn is exactly what one would expect from the name: cavernous death metal that is absolutely drowning in a sea of reverb. Essentially, it sounds like Cavurn hold their practices in a giant open sewer (or, you know, a cavern). When the very first notes come through the speakers it awakens a subterranean creature that lurks amongst an ancient aquifer. Tension builds and releases across the demo’s 20-minute length as the beast strikes and recoils, pulling its victims down into heavy, doom-laden passages, deeper beneath the surface and further from the hope of escape." - yourlastrites

CEREBRAL ROT (us) – 20 Buck Spin


Ascending from the odious decay of their first LP, Cerebral Rot passes from animal to human contagion with a new more purulent virus on their second album ‘Excretion Of Mortality’. A return of such festering decrepitude and anatomical canker as befits the true adherents of vile and sick underground Death Metal.

Soaked in the swamp of radioactive sewage, Cerebral Rot’s tumor like growth on ‘Excretion Of Mortality’ bludgeons with a hammering heaviness that few can manage or survive. A methodical focus on attaining maximum barbarism through every aspect of the production, from the meaty, dripping guitars to the immense rhythm section and Schwab’s nuclear travesty vocals, to the deceptively straightforward bludgeoning of the songs, exposes a scalpel-like cutting precision to this seemingly base display of horrid malevolence.

CONCRETE WINDS (fin) – Sepulchral Voice Records


After their highly acclaimed debut, "Poisoned Void", and the outstanding mini-album "Current Mouth", many shows and two European tours, Finland´s VORUM ceased to exist. But the dead can not die, for they are still hungry... Up from the ashes a new phoenix arose: CONCRETE WINDS!

After their debut album `Primitive Force´ from 2019, Concrete Winds delivered their 2nd full length album fittingly entitled `Nerve Butcherer´ on november 26, 2021.

The content is hard to believe yet even harder to describe as words might simply fail regarding this vile eruption of utmost hatred.

The record precisely continues where its predecessor left the listener shocked and terrified. Repulsion on 78rpm, Morbid Angel hunting in bloodlust, Terrorizer infected with rabies or Funeral Mist`s most dreadful moments may be even understatements for this (surely) god-damned cacophony.

Concrete Winds don't want to please anybody, nor want them to be accepted. Their intent is to spread disgust and confusion, their tongue is that of perversion, abhorrence and wrath.

Ever witnessed a biblical plague of locusts?

Well, dare to listen to `Nerve Butcherer´ and you might find the sonic equivalent. Slaughterhouse atmosphere and total destruction meets even nastier moments to bang your head.

Some folks might say it can`t get more terrible after `Primitive Force´, but watch out for `Nerve Butcherer´…”

CRYPTIC BROOD (de) – War Anthem Records


Due to their lust for rancid and rotten death metal, three maniacs started the band Cryptic Brood in the year 2013. After several physical regurgitations in form of a demo, an EP and multiple splits, their first full-length "Brain Eater" was released in 2017 and gained positive reputation. Packed with this extraction of doomed out death metal, the trio spread its plague in the repulsive realm of the death metal underground by intense morbid live rituals all over the globe.
In November 2019, the brood came back from a short slumber in its cave to unveil their new album entitled "Outcome Of Obnoxious Science". Cryptic Brood’s second full-length is a sonic lobotomy that vaporizes your brain in a vortex of filth. Rotten metal of death to shatter your skull with ghastly grindcore and distasteful doom metal, (de-)composed in their dungeon in Wolfsburg/Germany.

DEAD CONGREGATION (gr) – Martyrdoom Productions


Formed in 2004 with an insatiable hunger to fill the gap that was missing in Death Metal at the time by fusing Dark Death Metal with hints of Black Metal and Doom passages, Dead Congregation releases their debut ‘Purifying Consecrated Ground’ in 2005. Vigorous, passionate and strong, it heralded the unsuspecting listener for what was to follow three years later in the form of ‘Graves of the Archangels’ (2008), an album that is praised for being largely responsible for the Underground Death Metal scene as we know it today and propelling the band to the top of the genre. Their next effort shows them mature in the most natural way as they drift further from their influences and establish their signature sound, ‘Promulgation of the Fall’ (2014) gets voted ‘album of the year’ in several significant publications, convincing all that they’re far from a one-time firecracker. Ultimately both full-length albums have earned their place among the lists of Death Metal classics of all time. ‘Sombre Doom’ EP (2016) showed another side of Dead Congregation, proving they can still be equally lethal when speed is slowed down. They have played hundreds of shows ravaging stages of prestigious festivals (PartySan, Brutal Assault, Hellfest, Hole In The Sky, Kill-Town, Maryland Deathfest, Neurotic etc) as well as headline shows all over Europe, North, Central and South America, Australia, Israel and Iceland and yet continue to perform with a fury and passion that is matched by few.

DEATHCULT (ch) – Invictus Productions


Hailing from Zurich, Switzerland, Deathcult was born in 2010. The first strike, Demo MMXII was released in 2012 by Invictus Productions. Early on, the quartet's sound betrayed a wealth of classic influences – 80’s and early 90’s Death Metal. In 2014 the EP Pleading for Death... Choking on Life was released by Me Saco Un Ojo records.

The band have maximized that malevolent spirit with hook-laden songwriting and gut-churning crunch. In 2016 the debut album Beasts of faith (Invictus Productions/Iron Bonehead) was spit out to the masses. In 2022 the second full-lenght of soil unearthed was released (Invictus Productions), which shows all facets of Deathcult in a more vicious way than the preview releases.

On their road Deathcult showed it’s Metal of Death to the audience around Europe and played festivals like Deathkult Open Air, Hells Pleasure, Inferno Festival, Metal Magic among others and did a tour with Lucifericon (Killtown Bookings) in 2019.

ENCOFFINATION (us) – Selfmadegod Records


Encoffination formed in 2009 to embrace the darkest doom of death... to literally crawl with agonised chords and death bellows. This two-piece earthmover of pure sonic death has released four albums, various splits, 7"s, compilations, and MLPs over the last 10 years. Their latest album, 2019's "We Proclaim Your Death, O' Lord" sees the band at their most vociferous and unhinged - pure aural assault of tortured death agony. Formed by Justin from fellow death metallers Father Befouled and Wayne from Decrepitaph, the band has seen successful shows across the southeast and east coast, with spots at Blood Of The Wolf and Maryland Deathfest in 2017. After almost 10 years together, Wayne stepped back from live duties in 2018, with Amos Rifkin (Death of Kings, Deceased, Father Befouled) taking up the reigns behind the drums.

After a very successful, albeit short, European campaign in May 2019, with Father Befouled, Krypts, and Jupiterian, the band returned home and only played one show for the remainder of 2019 supporting FaithXtractor in a one-off in Atlanta. Though a band that does not tour often, they pick and choose their live assaults wisely in order to level audiences and leave them wanting more. Encoffination is poised yet again to crawl out from their fetid tombs.

ENGULFED (tr) – Dark Descent Records


Death Metal band Engulfed was founded in 2010 in Kadıköy, Istanbul. After the band was founded, it started working quickly and the first release debut EP "Through the Eternal Damnation" was recorded in December 2011. Ep was released by Hellthrasher Productions on CD, by Me Saco Un Ojo Records as a 12" vinyl and on cassette by Gravplass Propaganda. The band took part in some local concerts during the new EP period and performed their first international show in August 2013 at Killtown Death Fest held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After the first product, which received very positive reactions, the band continued to work for their first full length album and concerts. In mid-2016, the band stepped up their work on their debut album "Engulfed in Obscurity" which recording was completed in Autumn 2016. The album was released in February 2017 on CD by Hellthrasher Productions, in early spring. The album was released by Blood Harvest Records on vinyl and Messe Noire Productions on cassette.

After the album, the band performed in many local shows and took part in some festivals as part of their European tour in the summer of 2017.
Accelerating their work for their new EP towards the end of 2019, the band completed their recording in early 2020.

The EP "Vengeance of the Fallen" was released on CD by Dark Descent Records, on 12" vinyl by Me Saco Un Ojo Records, and on cassette by Extremely Rotten Productions towards the end of 2020.

Many domestic and international tour programs were cancelled during the pandemic process, and the band continued to work on their second album in 2021. Completing the album writing at the beginning of 2022, the band continues its studio work for the recording process.

Review quotes:
“The band now oscillate fairly frequently between spewing forth malefic burst riffing and ominous build-up passages that imbue their sound with an extra dynamic” – Toilet ov Hell

“Engulfed In Obscurity becomes one of the better unabashedly old school death metal records in recent memory.” – Last Rites

“Their extremely heavy take on death metal is absolutely spellbinding with its sheer weight and intensity.” – Cvlt Nation

“Engulfed manage to get the right balance between beastiality, chaos, furious eruptions, baneful atmosphere and intelligent details.” – The Nocturnal Silence



Eternal Darkness was formed in Eskilstuna, Sweden 1990 by Make Pesonen & Tony Pietilä. The other members Janne Heikkinen, Jarmo Kuurola, Tero Viljanen was found in Skiftinge. Eternal Darkness recorded two demo cassettes “Ceremony Of Doom” and “Suffering” both released in´91 and played a few concerts with bands such as Crypt of Kerberos, Gorement, Sentenced, Demigod, Demilich, Beherit etc.

In´92 the band returned to Studio Ambassaden / Balsta Musikslott and recorded a 7”Ep,- called: Doomed. It was released by Distorted Harmony Records later the same year. A mini-album was recorded back in´93 and there was plans even for a full-length vinyl lp,- which never saw the daylight!

Eternal Darkness made their last concert at K-13, Eskilstuna, Sweden in´93. The band was supposed to take a break and get back together for rehearsals/recordings of their debut album but disbanded/split-up due to the murdering of Jarmo Kuurola in 1995. All re-union plans were put on hold and in 2014 when the bands lead guitarist Tony Pietilä died, all thoughts about a comeback ceased to exist...until now ! Eternal Darkness return after 32,- years in the grave to salute their fallen brothers but also to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of C e r e m o n y O f D o o m!

FACELESS BURIAL (aus) – Dark Descent/Iron Lung Records/Me Saco Un Ojo


Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 - Faceless Burial’s blueprint is to execute ripping, powerful metal.

Sonically, traces of Faceless Burial’s influence can be heard in the long heralded classics from Americas East Coast, Canada and Finland. However, it would be remiss to ignore the bands connection to Melbourne’s current crop of brutal acts and Australia’s long running landscape of extreme music.

Themes of hallucinogenic butchery and nightmarish phantasm’s confront breakneck speeds. Blasts fold into breakdowns as the music plays between harmony and ferocity.

The three piece released a demo in 2015, followed by 2017’s debut album “Grotesque Miscreation” released by Blood Harvest in Europe and Iron Lung records across the USA. This was followed up quickly in 2018 with the MLP titled “Muliversal Abbatoir” forging a new bond with Me Saco Un Ojo records. In 2020 Faceless Burial released their sophomore LP ‘Speciation’ On Dark Descent and Me Saco Un Ojo.

Finally in 2022 Faceless Burial will be embarking on their first European Tour with Innumerable Forms starting at Kill-Town Death Fest. This will coincide with the release of their newest album ‘At the foothills of deliration’ out on Dark Descent/Me Saco Un Ojo. To finish the year off the band will be touring with Blood Incantation and Dead Congregation in Australia.

“A far fresher take on death metal than almost everything from the more dissonant or technically oriented crowds.” - Toilet Ov Hell

“Intrepid brutality inspired by the New York old school death metal scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s is complimented by considerable talent for the twisted death/thrash riffing of that same era. None of that would be particularly notable if their music wasn’t entirely willed into form through inspired riffcraft and succinctly delivered song structures.” GrizzlyButts

“Being rooted in the old school, yet not sounding dated in any way, Faceless Burial are able to transport your feelings to that time of early to mid ’90’ bliss, when death metal was still pretty fresh and genuinely exciting in its unknown nature.” - Teeth of the divine

“Faceless Burial continue to traffic in swampy, cavernous death metal; riffs don’t feel sharp and clean, but rather like primitive, blunt objects to the head. The vocals sound as if they were recorded in a cave and dark melodies and leads flesh out the claustrophobic death.” - Decibel Magazine.

FATHER BEFOULED (us) – Dark Descent Records


Formed in 2006, Father Befouled play unholy and desolate death metal. After some demo tracks online garnered interest, an EP, "Profano ad Regnum" was released in 2008 and the band began playing regional shows in the US. A full length, "Obscurus Nex Cultus" quickly followed and after more shows and a couple of split releases, the band signed to Relapse Records for the release of "Morbid Destitution of Covenant" in 2010. The band laid low for a couple of years before playing the inaugural Martyrdoom Festival in New York in 2012, which coincided with the release of their third full length, "Revulsion of Seraphic Grace" on Dark Descent Records. 2015 saw the release of "Enthroning Desolation" - a compilation of demo, split, live, and rare tracks - and a short tour of the East Coast. In 2017 the band headlined the Blood of the Wolf Festival in Lexington, Kentucky, as well as a performance at Maryland Deathfest to celebrate the release of their fourth album "Desolate Gods." The band embarked on their first European tour in May of 2019, releasing an EP, "Holy Rotten Blood," and capping off with a performance at the Netherlands Deathfest.

GOREPHILIA (fin) – Dark Descent Records


Gorephilia is a ferocious death metal four-piece from Vantaa, Finland. Having played together since 2006, Gorephilia’s sound reeks of US legends like Morbid Angel, Immolation and Sadistic Intent with the taint of their native sombre gloom. After putting out two full-length albums and other smaller releases tragedy struck as Gorephilia’s original vocalist and founding member Henri Kuula committed suicide in December 2018. The remaining band was reforged with the songwriter and guitarist Jukka Aho taking up the vocal duties, marking a new era for the group. In their current form they conjured their third and most ravenous work yet, an album titled "In the Eye of Nothing" saw the light of day back in 2020.

Gorephilia has performed mainly in Finland, but also throughout Europe during the years. They played the second KTDF in 2011 as a last minute replacement for a cancellation but didn't make the poster.

"Embodiment Of Death'' reeks strongly of those quality factors of Death Metal; actually so much that I am pretty amazed by the fact we are still talking about these Finns’ debut album.... I would still say that strictly speaking as solely for a debut album of any Death Metal band, "Embodiment Of Death" is almost jealously good – or even great, without exaggerating one damn bit!" Luxi Lahtinen / Voices from the Darkside

“This is death metal in its purity: throat-straining, regurgitated vocals, whiplash drumming, riffs like a Panzer tank and song titles such as “Hellfire,” ”Black Horns” and “The Ravenous Storm.” James Basile / Decibel Magazine

“So rather than having a sound similar to other Finnish death metal bands, Gorephilia is more influenced by early 90’s American death metal. Figure, Morbid Angel/Brutality type of sound. Fast riffing, a ton of blasting, but with enough mid-paced sections to keep things interesting.” Frank Rini / Teeth of the Divine



Crusty, Musty, Non-Triggered, Maggots-hanging-outta-the-ass Death Metal from Stockholm, Sweden. The urge to play filty death metal couldn't be resisted by Adam Lindmark, formerly the drummer of Morbus Chron. So about half a decade after Morbus called it quits, the new project Harrowed was born, with the intent to keep playing music that make children cry and grandmothers to cover their ears in agony. And with the help of Tobias Alpadie, (of other bands like VAK and occasional spooky-boy in Tribulation) the filth took form and ended up on a 12" vinyl EP and cassette demo called "Posion Death" that have all the old death-metal farts and adolescent, denim-and-leather-wearing teens cream their jeans with excitement. Harrowed can name-drop as good as anyone, and choses to drop names like Autopsy, Entombed, Death, Obituary and Death Strike, because they know that is what people like to hear.

The line-up now complete with Dag Landin (ex Morbus Chron, Tøronto) and Estefan Carrillo (Morbid Breath, Hazemaze), Harrowed is "ready" to "deliver" putrid, snot-nosed death metal for everyone's listening and viewing displeasure. No triggers! No fascism! DEATH METAL!

HYPERDONTIA (tr/dk) – Dark Descent Records


After the Turkish/Danish band released the ‘Abhorrence Veil’ 7” in 2017, Hyperdontia’s debut album, ‘Nexus of Teeth’, was released to rabid response by Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records just in time for Kill-Town’s resurrection. The album’s dynamic combination of brooding heaviness and skilfully executed technicality quickly thrust the band to the forefront of the current Death Metal scene. One new track later featured on the band’s 2019 ‘A Vessel Forlorn’ compilation release, which demonstrates an unrelenting intensity that sets expectations high for the new material that the band recently recorded. These new recordings will see the unlight of day in the coming months.

Some will state that Hyperdontia are simply the latest band to jump onboard the old school death metal train, and while they aren’t wrong, they have gotten A’s on all of the components. Those will an affinity for this type of material are bound to view Nexus of Teeth as the next big thing, and quite frankly, that’s all that really matters in the end. (Deadrhetoric.com)

The element of blackness within this album surely did win me over, of course, those oh so blackened elements combined with delicious guitar technical solos was an excellent contrast and pure to the death metal genre. (Aeafanzine.blogspot)

The riffs are really catchy with tons of groove, the drums are brutal and the vocals are positively demonic. The slower tempo section really makes things feel grim, a really excellent touch to accompany the simplistically soulful guitar solo. (Nattskog.wordpress.com)

The riffs are so finely honed, the songs so well structured, that they could never be mistaken for anything other than the work of masters of the genre. Every song feels like a highlight; every lead feels stronger than the one before it, every drum hit another step on the road of the undeniable conquest of death, every vocal bellow a command from the underworld to simply bang your fucking head. (Thesoundnottheword.wordpress.com)

If you like great, gargantuan mixes of thrashing death speed but also have a penchant for perverse, slower, meandering grooves then Nexus Of Teeth is probably the death metal offering of 2018. (METAL FORCES MAGAZINE)

It could be described as “doomy”, “atmospheric” even, but Hyperdontia’s style is refreshingly riff driven and light on spacious floaty chord pretense or trudging plod-centric songcraft, built on carefully honed fundamentals put to use in a distinctly contemporary fashion. (metal-observer.com)

INNUMERABLE FORMS (us) – Profound Lore Records


Boston’s Innumerable Forms were formed in 2007 as a one man project to bring forth a vision of doom-ridden, dark brutal death metal with the spirit of the early ‘90s. Soon after forming, a full band line up was assembled featuring current and ex members of Iron Lung, Mammoth Grinder, Mind Eraser, Sumerlands, Magic Circle, Power Trip, Genocide Pact, and many more. Since inception Innumerable Forms have already generated quite the cult following over the years with their live shows supporting a repertoire only consisting of the “Dark Worship” 7”EP, a split with Blessed Offal, and the “Frozen To Death” comp cassette. In 2018, they released their first full length, entitled “Punishment In Flesh” on Profound Lore Records. With influences ranging from primitive early 90’s Finnish death metal to British and American doom, Innumerable Forms harness the authentic feeling of misery, darkness, and fury with total disregard for the scene today.

Review quotes:
“2018’s best Death/Doom” -CVLT Nation

“This first album proper...is neither naïve nor ill-produced. Instead, this might be one of the genre’s most primitive yet most concise and crushing incarnations in years. “ -Metal Hammer

“(Innumerable Forms) make thick and impenetrable death metal that’s desolate and filled with tension.” -Pitchfork

“Punishment in Flesh is a reflection of idyllic death doom, and everything from the songwriting to the production exacts a standard of excellence that only furthers the band's efforts to crack the planet in twain.” -Exclaim!

INTERMENT (swe) – Pulverised Records


Interment is an old school underground Death Metal band from Avesta, Sweden that started already 1988 as Beyond until the name change in 1990. Three demo tapes were released during the years 1991 to 1994. “Where Death Will Increase”, “Forward to the Unknown” and the “Final Chapter” that later was released as a demography album “Where Death Will Increase 91-94” by Necroharmonic/Morbid Wrath 2010.

The last and second full length “Scent of the Buried” was released 2016. Their first album “Into the Crypts of Blasphemy” was released in 2010. Between they have released a bunch of splits with Funebrarum, Brutally Deceased, Anatomia, Tormented and Pyre.

The influences have always been Nihilist, Carnage, Unleashed, Grave, Hellhammer and Autopsy to name a few.

Interment has done many gigs and festivals through the years and has toured with bands like Funebrarum, Putrisect, Hobbs Angel of Death, Undergang, Diabolical and Urn.

Review quotes:
"This is grimy, gritty, raw death metal in its most purest and unapologetically old school form! Powerfully potent!" - Iron Fist (UK)

"This rips the skin off Entombed A.D.! The real SWE-death-deal! " - Stormbringer(A)

"In terms of authenticity and pure song quality this scores better than the majority of old-school-death-metal-revivalists!" - Aardschok (NL)

"Swedish Death Metal at its best! INTERMENT does not even try to look for something new!" - Metal Rulez (PL)

KOMMAND (us) – Maggot Stomp Records


Kommand is death metal from Los Angeles, drawing inspiration from classic US and Finnish acts while blasting themes of violence and conflict. Formed in 2015 as a three-piece, their 2016 and 2017 demos vanished from stock before ever deploying their expanded five-person lineup for live devastation. Since their first show in 2018 Kommand has campaigned regularly with local and touring death metal, firmly establishing themselves in the extreme Los Angeles underground. As close allies with LA based Maggot Stomp Records, the label released a compilation of both demos. Meanwhile Kommand continued to hone their craft, composing the material destined to become their debut LP: Terrorscape. Released on Maggot Stomp in July 2020 the record stands as the best representation to date of their heavy, aggressive, raw, and war-themed metal. September marks the troop’s first European trek with fellow LA-death comrades Mortal Wound. Expect first exposure to grotesque apocalyptic material from their sophomore album due out 2023.

Review Quotes
“Nasty Twisted Demented and Deranged” – Sean Reveron / Cvlt Nation

“The last few years have been a goldmine for upcoming death metal acts and Kommand are at the forefront.” – Sputnik Music

KRYPTS (fin) – Dark Descent Records


During their formation in 2008 the vision behind Krypts was to play Death metal. While in the past decade their sound has evolved more complex and sinister, the core sound has remained the same: a dark mixture of Death & Doom metal.

Krypts have steadily spread their reputation and played around the world. However their first concert outside Finland, and second live show ever, was in the first edition of KTDF. Having also witnessed its funeral, Krypts are eager to return.

The band has released two full-length albums (‘Remnants of Expansion’ and ‘Cadaver Circulation’) through Dark Descent Records, and their debut album ‘Unending Degradation’ through Dark Descent and Me Saco Un Ojo records. Prior to these, they have released ‘Open the Crypt’ 12”-demo and a self-titled 7” EP through Me Saco Un Ojo and now defunct Detest Records.

“Krypts unleashes a truly chasm-like experience without any trends that feels truly authentic. Cadaver Circulation is an amoebic and rotten ordeal, seeped in elegiac doom that bestows an elusive model for those to follow.” - Covenant Festival

“Death metal rightfully turned depressive, Krypts Remnants of Expansion is death/doom metal jugular”. - Cvltnation

MORTA SKULD (us) – Peaceville Records


Formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1990, Morta Skuld has been a name in the American Death Metal scene for 30 years. Two early demo tapes – “Gory Departure” and “Prolong The Agony “ were heavily traded and caught the attention of record labels and fans alike. Morta Skuld went on to sign with England’s Peaceville Records.

The band released their first three albums through Peaceville – “Dying Remains” (1993), “As humanity Fades” (1994), and “For All Eternity” (1995). The final album from the 90's era, Surface, was released through Pavement in 1997. Around the year 2000, the band was put on hold for members to pursue other projects.

In 2012, Morta Skuld was resurrected and started making waves with tight-precision live performances. They began writing new material which was joined with two rerecorded classic songs from the debut album. The EP entitled “Serving Two Masters”, was released via Dread Records in 2014.

The band now is very pleased to be back home with Peaceville Records, where they released “Wounds Deeper Than Time” in 2017. The next full length album is near the end of the writing process with plans to record early this year. Keeping a strong momentum by touring and playing festivals in the U.S. and Europe, 2022 promises to be an exciting year.

MORTAL WOUND (us) – Maggot Stomp / Me Saco Un Ojo Records


Mortal Wound formed in San Pedro, California, 2016. Sam Shriver (Guitars, Vocals), Peter King (Guitars), Rollie Ulug (Drums) and Mathias Hofmeister (Bass) 5 horrifying tracks, “Forms of Unreasoning Fear” would conjure up the horrors of jungle war, incomprehensible hallucinations. Crushing brutality and heavy riffs combine into a massive sound of filthy death metal. Released by Maggot Stomp(US) and Me Saco Un Ojo (EU) 2018.

Pat Shea replaced Rollie on drums in 2018. He played on the Split with Gutless(2020), also released by Maggot Stomp(US), and Me Saco Un Ojo (EU). The band have played around the Los Angeles area throughout the last five years and along the west coast, sharing the stage with the likes of Torture Rack, Mephitic Corpse, Fetid, and Fratricide. Pat was replaced by Devlin Baldwin in 2019 and is the drummer. The band have been finishing work on their first full length, promising a more deranged and unrelentingly violent sound.

Mortal Wound opened the first Los Angeles edition of California Deathfest (2019) with Mortician and recently, Total Death Over Mexico City (2022).

Kill-Town Death Fest will be their first European performance. Opening the Main Stage at 18:00 on Thursday September 1st, they will start things off with a haze of sickening mind crushing metal.

Following the festival, Killtown Bookings presents Ravaged European Hellscape, a European tour featuring Mortal Wound and Kommand(US).

“Straight up, Mortal Wound creates the kind of unwholesome, pestilent riffs that give my whole body spasms” Sean Reveron CvltNation

“Mortal Wound is from Los Angeles and have a unique way of basically combining almost every old school and influence trash and death metal band ever by throwing them in a blender and pumping out all the best elements of those bands” Angeles Mortem

“The cries scream out in defiance of The upcoming sluggernaut, only to be crushed by the unstoppable force of rot.” Ryan Tysinger, Your Last Rites

MORTIFERUM (us) – Profound Lore Records


Hailing from Olympia WA, Mortiferum was formed by Max Bowman (guitars, vocals), Chase Slaker (guitars), and Alex Mody (drums, vocals). Their various bands (Bone Sickness, Ēōs) had played shows together regularly in the local scene as the members shared a mutual interest in Finnish and American death metal, and had a similar vision for the music they wanted to play.

In 2016, after several failed attempts to get a band going, the members got together and wrote the songs that became the first demo “Altar of Decay”. They enlisted the help of Dan Fried (Triumvir Foul, Anhedonist) to fill in on bass, and recorded “Altar of Decay” in Mody’s garage. Tracking guitars and drums live in their own space, with part-time keyboard player Ethan Camp as the engineer, Mortiferum were able to capture the songs in their most visceral form. Shortly afterward, Mortiferum recruited Tony Wolfe as their full time bassist. The demo was released by the band themselves and furthermore assisted by an LP release from Profound Lore Records and on cassette by Graceless Records in the US and Extremely Rotten Productions in Europe. Within a year of the release of “Altar of Decay”, Mortiferum embarked on tours with Spectral Voice, Hyperdontia, and Fetid, made numerous fest appearances including the Killtown Death Fest - The Resurrection and finally recorded and released their debut full length, “Disgorged From Psychotic Depths”.

Profound Lore writes “Mortiferum follow-up their lauded 2017 Altar Of Decay demo with their debut LP, Disgorged From Psychotic Depths. With the recognition the band received from within the death metal underground through their demo alongside consistent touring and nonstop live activity, Mortiferum had already brought awareness upon themselves as one of the more notable and promising new US death metal bands today. With Disgorged From Psychotic Depths, the monstrous offering Mortiferum have spewed forth crawls as an anguished slab of death doom filth of the most wretched order. Dark and foreboding through monolithic brutal crestfallen riffs and malformed dissonant rhythmic rumblings, Disgorged From Psychotic Depths is a towering and dreadful benefaction of atmospheric imposing death metal ruin and depravity reeking of the stench of the early ‘90s American and Finnish death metal scenes.”

“Once more, MORTIFERUM present perfectly balanced deadly misery… Even darker and more brutal than anyone could have expected, Disgorged From Psychotic Depths is a consummate follow-up to one of the most promising demos in the past ten years. Indeed, MORTIFERUM have arrived. 8/10” – Decibel Magazine “Throughout the six cuts, massive slabs of voluminous doom/death are propelled by riffs weighing like neutron stars and growls of infinite decay. Only occasionally do the foursome speed up, such as on the Bolt Thrower inspired “Inhuman Effigy”. Pick your poison or taste both.” – PopMatters

“…this is one impressive debut for MORTIFERUM. They have an amazing blend death doom. They emulate with strong influences such as previously stated to veterans like Bolt Thrower, Evoken.” – Cvlt Nation

“The vocals are putrid, the riffs seethe with the smell of sulfur, and the drums pound your head to a bloody pulp making this one of the most outstanding death metal albums this year. A no-holds-barred approach from an area of the states that keeps on giving. 10/10” – Metal Temple

PROSCRIPTION (fin) – Dark Descent Records


As the Blackened Death Metal band Maveth was laid to rest, the burning passion for Death Metal never left the black heart of ChristButcher, the primus motor behind the band. The natural continuation of this malevolent creativity took its form as Proscription. While Maveth travelled more blackened paths, Proscription takes this formula plunging it further into the dark and brutal tunes of Death Metal. While the connection to Maveth is clear, Proscription carves its own sound. Take it from the haunting leads of Cruciatus to the deranged howls of Apep. All of it pulled together by the insanely fierce and bestial yet completely disciplined drumming of M.K.

Though the musicians behind the band are veterans of many years of playing, the band can still be thought as relatively new, yet the momentum is forward. Gigs have already been booked around Finland (and played) as well as abroad. Debut album “Conduit” was released by the dominant Death Metal force Dark Descent Records from USA. To put emphasis on the impact Proscription is about to make on the scene, Dark Descent Records broke their oath of not signing new bands at the time just to get Proscription onboard with them. The debut album, first press sold out on cd as well as vinyl, while the special edition vinyl sold out on pre-order before release! And, the writing process for it's follow up are currently under way.

SEPTAGE (dk/tr) – Me Saco Un Ojo Records


Septage were formed during pandemic times by three friends knowing each other from the Copenhagen underground scene. The goal was and is to fuse death metal riffing with the grossness and urgency of the best classic goregrind in songs that are punchy and to the point - yet holds the interest for repeated listening.

In spite of an obvious lack of shows, the debut EP, Septic Decadence, received international acclaim. Not a band to sit on their hands, Septage recorded a follow-up EP in early 2021 for release on Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent later that year for even further acclaim. With the resurgence of concerts worldwide, Septage are now spreading their vision in this way as well. 2022 brings the band on two European tours – first with Miasmatic Necrosis and since with Hyperdontia, the latter tour culminating at Kill-Town Death Fest 2022. Towards the end of the year Septage will go as far as Mexico for a string of dates.

At the time of writing Septage is about to release a split EP with Hyperdontia and preparing to record for their first full length release.

”Proving that EP (Septic Decadence) was no fluke, SEPTAGE arrive less than a year later with yet another quick-hitting slab of exquisite putrefaction, Septisk Eradikasyon. [...] if anything, the band's more berserk in that execution here, allowing red-eyed chaos to enter into the filthy fray. Likewise, one could nearly qualify these four knife-cuts as "catchy," but perhaps that's down to SEPTAGE's sharpened songwriting chops, where riffs are flowing freely and it all just sounds so effortless.” - Me Saco Un Ojo

SIJJIN (de) – Sepulcharl Voice Records


From beyond the gates of perception, the new power trio of Sijjin arrives on the scene. Deeply rooted in the 80ties, where Death and Thrash Metal melted into a furious, fast and occult brand, Sijjin`s music is as raving as this music should be.

The lineup of Sijjin consists of old veterans as Malte Gericke (Bass & Vocals) and Ivan Hernandez (Drums) are both being known for their work in Necros Christos, while guitar wizard Ekaitz Garmendia hailing from Basque Thrashers Legen Beltza among others.

The first demo entitled Angel Of The Eastern Gate was unleashed in 2019, officially distributed by Sepulchral Voice Records on tape.
A re-release on CD and vinyl will follow soon.

Behold, as this is Death Metal.
Feel your mind being shifted into a black void of utter chaos, where primeval atoms still roam in bizarre ways, a region of horrible contortions, where amorphous entities lurk in the towering shadows.

There`s one name, one entity and one aural destruction for all of that.
Hell is Sijjin.
Sijjin is in Hell.

SNĚŤ (cz) – Blood Harvest


Vanhelgd from Sweden plays dirty, dark and atmospheric death metal with desperate vocals. Listening through their discography you will find a diverse collection of songs ranging from traditional European death metal, some d-beat, some folk music saturated doom and even some songs leaning towards black metal.

The band started in late 2007 and have refined their sound with every release and made their own path along the way. Their fifth album "Deimos Sanktuarium" was released in October 2018 and got the same great reception as both "Temple of Phobos" (2016) and "Relics of Sulphur Salvation" (2014).

As for now the show at Kill-town death fest will be the first, and one of very few, shows in 2022. Vanhelgd are planning to start writing a new album this year but we haven't played in Denmark since Kill-Town 2011 and we have waited since then to return.

“The festival and line-up is always great and it will be one of the highlights in 2022 for us for sure!”

Review quotes:
"Swedish masters of darkly atmospheric death metal VANHELGD take you on a journey through a dimly lit aural abyss which is both majestic and malevolent in equal measure!" - Terrorizer (UK)

"VANHELGD are independent, contemporary and damn powerful!" - Deaf Forever (GER)

"If you like your Death Meal tinged with downtrodden Doom and unrelenting desperation then this is for you." - Ave Noctum (UK)

VANHELGD (swe) – Pulverized Records


Sněť is a five piece act from Prague, Czech Republic. The Band aims for nasty, punky but also heavy and doomy kind of death metal, which is presented live with full passion and most energy.

The band consists of members very active in supporting the underground scene in Prague. Sněť means Gangrene in Czech, also we sing in Czech language.

Debut album "Mokvání v okovech" was released on Blood Harvest Records in 2021, tapes are out via Lycanthropic Chants and Headsplit records for USA.

Promo tape was out in 2019 via Lycanthropic chants and South America's Burning Coffin Records.

VOID ROT (us) – Sentient Ruin Laboratories / Everlasting Spew Records


Formed in 2017 and hailing from Minneapolis MN, USA, Void Rot are an entity devoted to constructing massive and soul-consuming dirges of monstrous death-doom. Influenced by the glorious progenitors of majestic, atmospheric, and slow moving death metal like Winter, Rippikoulu, and Disembowelment, as well as newer entries within the genre such as Krypts, Spectral Voice, and Sempiternal Dusk, Void Rot weave light and darkness seamlessly and with unseen mastery, evoking atmospheres of unparalleled vastness that alternate majestically between sidereal and contemplative psychedelia, and visceral and bludgeoning heaviness.

Their towering debut EP Consumed by Oblivion released in 2018 is an iconic and proud example of true American death-doom as seen at its finest hour as it masterfully distills the void of space and the loneliness of the cosmos and bends them to impact the crushing misery of our earthly reality. The end result is a seismic monolith of spine-breaking riffs and warped atmospheres that while glorifying death-doom's most distinctive traits also elevates the genre to an entire new level, as seen is their ulteriorly immense and annihilating 2020 debut LP Descending Pillars. 2022 marks another release from Void Rot in Telluric Dismemberment - a 7” EP released in anticipation of their forthcoming European tour.

“Know what rules? When a band’s name perfectly describes their sound. The new Minnesotan band take the heaving heft of classic Finnish death/doom and...torment the terrestrial plane.” Lacertillian, Toilet Ov Hell

“A sound that encapsulates both the bleakness of the blackest reaches of the universe, and the foul putridity of the rot that eventually envelops all living matter. I’d much prefer to just say they are as heavy as all fuck and just leave it right there.” Andrew Cook, The Metal Wanderlust

“The heavy crushing sound, the mesmerizing guitars in trance, the smashing rhythm, and the cavernous vocals. Everything is just into place to create a unique atmosphere of despair and darkness. 9/10.” Count Vlad, Blessed Altar Zine

WITCH VOMIT (us) – 20 Buck Spin

Formed in 2012 by Tempter and Filth, Witch Vomit plays dark death metal in the American tradition with elements of Scandinavian evil and ancient doom metal. With two LP’s and 3 EP’s in the past ten years the band has grown from a primitive two piece project into a powerful death metal quartet that “serves up raw yet atmospheric soundscapes of horror.”

The band’s most recent release “Abhorrent Rapture” was released in 2021 through 20 Buck Spin and has been described as “a to-the-point cut of violent Death Metal excellence, once again showing the ferocity of Witch Vomit in glorious light. Not only is this a superb follow up to their last record but a perfect taster for those unaware of this mighty Death Metal force.”

Witch Vomit scarcely leaves the Northwestern graveyard for live appearances. Their set at Killtown will be part of Witch Vomits first European tour, the tomb is open and it awaits you.....

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